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Deep Love

My people.  They come in different shapes and sizes, some are related some are not.  Some call me friend, some sister, one calls me lover [ha, ok he doesn’t really but that sounds cool], and two precious little souls call me momma. I love deeply.… Read More

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A Few [more] Summer Favs

I hope everyone finds pure summertime happiness & bliss the way I do… Gosh I really should find somewhere warm to live.  Chicago summers are legit magical. I’m holding on to each second. That said, wanted to share some SUMMERTIME FAVS!  Now I know I need… Read More

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Site Revamp

Well not so much a site revamp, more like making this site more of what it is.  It is still the fit wife a lovable lifestyle!  But it truly is so much more, now that I have a family really truly cherish the wellbeing of our… Read More