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Peloton – A Love Story

Oh hey, friends.  I’m sitting at my creative space with about ten thousand things to do but the one thing that is important to do right now?  Feed by writing passion.  I’m no grammar guru I’ll leave that to several of my other friends but there is something so cathartic about just getting stuff out of my head and onto my blog, or my ulysses app.

Let’s talk about  one of my favorite things.  A bit of a backstory.  On my birthday several months ago, Hector took me to Oak Brook Center and we walked into the Peloton Store.  He said it was mine if I wanted it (a stupid crazy expensive gift).  I clipped in, because that’s what they want you to do, get on the bike, get a feel for it.  Very much like buying a car “see the nice seat, see the beautiful touch screen, here take it for a spin.”


Now, I do fitness.  I love fitness but I’ve never tried spin.  I was definitely feeling self conscious in this store, on a bike SUN BEATING ON ME THROUGH THE WINDOW.  Sweating within seconds of me turning my feet. I was so overwhelmed by the experience and Hector saw it as a “Jen wants this, she needs this” – and in Hector style he’s like “let’s just get it!” so the sales girl started putting together the package: got the bike, got the shoes, got the warranty, paid for a year up front of subscriptions and went to check out… The price tag literally took the breath out of me.  I couldn’t even formulate sentences.  Let alone tell him no.

We walked around the mall and I was just like – we can’t do this, spend thousands of dollars.  So I made him cancel the purchase.  To see that money leave our bank account literally gave me chills.  I did have my eye on the Peloton and read the rave reviews but couldn’t pull the trigger.  I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IF I LIKED TO SPIN!!!

Fast forward about a month, I’m literally daydreaming about my almost Peloton purchase and I just told Hector – let’s do it.  Order it online… and he did.  You see, Mom guilt is real.  I’d been going to the gym often but the time away from my kids had been killing me and I really needed to pickup my cardio game.  I was making every excuse not to get it in.  If I went to the gym I focused on weights and my drive to really push myself in the cardio section was just not there.  That plus winter knocking at our doorstep – I didn’t want another winter in hibernation (weather gets me down).  Anyway, the day the bike showed up I was so excited.  Like it’s Christmas and you are 5 years old excited. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment and I wanted it staring me in the face everyday telling me “GET ON ME” so into the family room it went. That day I did a live 45 minute ride it was hard, I was out of shape and just not too into it.  My butt was sore, I felt so pathetic.  A couple of days went by and I didn’t touch it again.  I’d see the way too expensive machine sitting in my family room and say “maybe tomorrow” – one day I got back on it and tried a scenic ride.  Not my thing either. I was really bummed we spent SO MUCH MONEY on something we weren’t using.  Hector said he’d use it… but he wasn’t using it either.

Then one day I went to the on-demand section and started shuffling through and found a ride by Ally Love.  That was it.  I was hooked. She just spoke to my soul and I’ve been hooked ever since.  People speak about tribes, and let me tell you I’m so on board for the Peloton tribe.  I’m so hooked and I can’t remember the last time I’ve been dedicated to my personal wellbeing more. [I’ll def blog about  my Ally and #Lovesquad obsession in another post]


This is not about me telling you to get a Peloton this is about me telling you to find what speaks to you and I’m so excited and happy that my daily fitness is in the comfort of my home with my children so close to me.  I’m so blessed to be able to have this and just want to remind everyone to find their passion and push toward it.  On the days you don’t want to, when you’d really rather netflix and chill… Get at it for at least 30 minutes.  You’ll never regret the time with yourself.

It’s so good to feel so much more alive and excited about my ever-changing fitness journey.

Love and Light.


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