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Twenty Eighteen – Day 1

Hello Everyone!

It’s like -1 degrees outside here in sunny Chicago.  Don’t let that bright light fool ya I basically need gloves as I type this in my 1950s home because my heater and insulation can’t keep up. ANYWHO. Happy New Year!!

Lots of people go huge on New Year resolutions, I’m sure I’ve said this before but I’m not huge on them.  I do welcome the opportunity for a natural fresh start, starting today just because it is the very beginning of the year.  You should always commit to change if that’s what you are looking to do basically the moment you want to do it.  “A year from now you’ll wish you started today” is the quote I always reference for this. or “Just Do It” who said that? Nike? lol 😉

“A year from now you’ll wish you started today”

— Said someone very smart…

But let’s talk about how to make 2018 fabulous anyway.  I want to share some things that are currently motivating me and that I’m going to lean on in this New Year!

The Purge.  Commit to getting rid of CRAP.  Stuff you do not need, let it go.  Physically as well as mentally/spiritually. We are talking EVERYTHING.  This past couple weeks I’ve been in full purge mode to prepare for today but this is an ongoing exercise.  As far as tangible things if I look at something for more than 2 seconds wondering if I need it or not? It goes.  If something looks unorganized, I think how much of it can go… and it does.  I’ll also be aware of shopping habits to not bring more in and if I do bring something in the house… Two TWO or more things need to go.  On the spiritual side, this comes with awareness.  Toxic people? Adios, it’s damn hard but they got to go.  Have clouds in your life, not anchors (thanks RC, this is a good one!).

Accomplishments. Find what motivates you.  You know what is doing this for me lately? Badges. Yes.  My apple watch, my peloton, my own self made ones… Give yourself a small daily goal, crush it, and let something tell you it’s awesome.  Don’t have an apple watch or peloton?  Fitbit has some too.  I highly recommend if you need someone telling you you are awesome, download an app, get a fitness tracker and allow that to push you.  It’s perfectly fine.  For people like me who actually love good competition it’s a super good way to push yourself to crush something (and track it!).  Since I have a subscription to audible I’m also getting my audible badges.  Connect those headphones (or wireless I love my BeatsX for working out) and get to listening – I have a solid 55 minutes of train time a day during the week.


Creating.  Remembering I’m creative is huge.  I like to write, I like to be creative (generally speaking!) and I obviously love taking pictures.  Making time for these things is what I need to continue to do.  Another article or something I read said

“spend more time creating, less consuming”

— Said some article I read sometime last year…

I swear these people are thinking of the obvious but giving you a WHOA moment – a WHOA you are totally right.  What simple POWERFUL piece of advice.  In a world so filled with social media, Netflix binge sessions and DVR it’s so much easier to consume over create.  But also think of it this way, what do you get from consuming? Yeah. Depressing right?  Sure everyone needs a good mindless Netflix sesh but it’s also hours of your life you won’t get back.  Yeah.  But when you create… if it’s writing if it’s taking pictures if it’s playing with photoshop, light room or creating a cave out of magnatiles with your 3 year old… You’ve just done so much more. Yes. yep and you have something to show for it.  Just a thought.

Being Thankful. Ok here comes the tough love.  We are all guilty of nit picking at life.  Where is the yellow iPhone girl raising her emogyi hand?  Insert her/him here.  “I want this, I want that, I wish I could do this, I wish I could do that, why do I have love handles, why? why why? Whoa is me?”  Yes shit happens.  I get it, but if you take moments out of your life to pull an Oprah and pull out your gratitude journal and write 5 things a day that you are grateful for – or a Sheryl (Sandburg) and write down 3 moments of joy a day.  You’ll find more positive in your life.  Another Nike shout out – JUST DO IT.  Be thankful for the parking spot close to the grocery store entrance in January in Chicago, be thankful for the parking spot far away from the grocery store entrance in Chicago because you’re getting a FREE cryogenic facelift while working towards your apple watch move goal LOL.  But seriously, if you look for MORE JOY. You’ll find it. If you look for the moments of gratitude, they are there. Amen?

Just commit to trying to be the best you can be all the time, if you get there 80% that’s still a win.  We are all working on something. I’m off to continue the Purge, got in some creative juices with this blog sesh, going to pick out a Ally Love ride to start my year off with Peloton and taking a Hot Power Fusion class at CPY tonight because I can and I’m a Boss.  <– That’s from my girl Ally.

Leaving you with something I’m grateful for on these cold dry Chicago days – or the warm fluffy ones everyone needs a good lip save kit you can find it here:



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