Random Monday [off] Favs – Home Decor Edition

My camera lens is crying.  We have had our Nikon D3000 for a few years and several weeks back our auto focus pooped out.  It still takes pretty decent pictures but with Evan I’d still really like an easy auto focus.   So our family is looking at investing in a new camera.  I don’t know why I feel like I need to justify my purchase; I’m all about the pictures and legitimately enjoy playing paparazzi on all things…

With that here are some RANDOM things we are loving… Throw pillow sales!

DSC_0079 DSC_0088


I’ve lucked out at two stores and have gotten to brighten up two rooms with a few pillows.  Makes me so happy!  Hector and I would love to buy new furniture but we are trying to spend wisely and a certain someone seems to suck up all funds. Oh children.

Speaking of, we are finally putting stuff on the walls of our house.  The only room that was given love when we first moved in was Evan’s naturally:

DSC_0095 DSC_0096 DSC_0097


I honestly still LOVE his mobile… I wish I could stare up at it daily.  Yesterday Evan realized if he stood up on his tippy toes he could reach the lowest one *sobs* time to move or raise it.

Oak Park has a Ten Thousand Villages store that Hector and I visit from time to time.  They have awesome soaps I love and a super cool vibe even if we are just browsing it is a feel good store that I feel like everyone should know about so be sure to check out the link above.  They had this one super cute plant that I loved and had never seen before and one of the volunteers there snipped off a tiny branch and gave it to me.  She said if I put it in water it will happily grow roots and I could plant it.



Well she was right and I have a happy new little plant family growing:



We’ve also pulled out are lit pumpkins:



Tis the season.

Here is a random shot of Oso:

DSC_0078Haha a little dark but he still is so cute.

We are also loving outdoor DIY projects and superrrrrrrrr cheap finds this birdhouse $5 bucks:

DSC_0082[hanging candle holder]



[Bargain birdhouse]

As always I’m obsessed with scents and will be picking up some fall favs this week.  For now we will still enjoy my year round favs:


Gotta love target ❤

Off to enjoy some family time with my lil sis!



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