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Therapeutic Bed of [Plastic] Nails

On my continued search for wellness I’ve been trying to spend some time reading, listening to podcasts or listening to someone read to me (audible) focusing a good chunk of this (75%) on health and wellbeing.  I’ve been a reader of the Fitnessista blog for some time and recently she did a post about the book Body Love and mentioned the podcast The Skinny Confidential.  I do not go running to buy books she likes but I did listen to the Podcast on Kelly’s book and bought the book on audible.  I’ll review it when it’s over but check out the episode (70) here.

Queue the life-change; well not really life change but added addictions… I’m quickly catching up on podcasts with Lauryn and Michael and really enjoy their back and forth banter.  They make this look so effortless and natural but I know they are crazy savvy business people and everything is well thought out. ANYWAY if you want something for a steady state cardio day or a metro train ride… Check them out.

On to the meat and potatoes of this post.  I am on a constant journey to relieve stress.  I’ve been a huge fan of acupuncture but haven’t made an appointment in a while.  I haven’t read up too much on the benefits of acupressure but I just bought this mat and holy OHMYGAUD.  It’s crazy amazing.


The spikes (pictured above) are SHARP. I remember unpacking it like wth!? How am I supposed to use this?  Michael and Evan both have put their little paws on it and are like MOM that is SHARP.  So after the fear of it and with a shirt on (you should do it with a shirt off or very thin shirt to start) I laid down on this legit bed of nails.

As I laid down, I may have said “fuck” or “jesus” a few times.  It was not so pleasant and I definitely wanted to just get right back up but I remembered it said a few minutes to get used to the sensation and it’ll be worth it.

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. Sticking with it was so. worth. it.  I’m not one of those people who enjoys pain – not at all.  So I’ll tell you this, the couple minutes of discomfort while your body figures out what the hell you are doing – push past it and the calm that rolls over you is out of this world.  Game changer.

You can thank me later. Do an Amazon search there are tons of makers of this thing because I did call this the bed of nails post I’ll also give love to the Home for Bed of Nails which just so happens to sell this mat, HA.

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