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I mean, what’s the definition of adventure?  To me it could be cleaning under my bed.  I never know how some things get under there. But I actually like to associate it with movement and exciting places.

Yesterday I made my husband and kiddos run to the beach.  Ok not literally run, we got into a car but I just said let’s go!  Evan’s happy place is the water.  He could live in the water if he could – as we drove downtown we were just dressed in regular clothes because it was chilly.  Honestly the boys weren’t even dressed warm enough.  The waves were NUTS.  I mean Crazy.  There was no beach! There was about two inches of water covering what typically is a packed with umbrellas and towels beach after several hundred feet about 50 feet where waves started breaking was a sandbar where people were watching waves from.

This is what my chat sounded like to Evan.  “Evan, honey, walk slowly so you don’t splash water everywhere.  If you get cold we’ll go back.”

His response:


He just flew through the water.  It could have been bath water by his reaction.  But this is what I love about being a parent. To Evan it’s simple, he loves water – he sees water, he enjoys it.  Better that than let him eat all the chocolate cake he wants.  I choose my parent battles.


After running though the water we made it to the sandbar and he just loved digging his hands and feet into the sand.  So. Simple. No toys, no nothing.  Just me screaming,
“Evan don’t go into the water… Evan be careful… Evan those are big waves PLEASE be careful…  EVAN NOT THAT FAR” Then there was Michael, his take not his?  Terror.  This was an Evan party.

I love being with my guys.  They make my heart so full.  We also tried out some new gear – can’t wait to share some of that with you all!  Just need to figure that out… but this post is mostly me taking pictures of my almost 5 year old.  Someone hold me.  Seriously.  This post is also about me encouraging everyone to just get up and go.  Yes it’s easier to sit down and binge watch GOT, I mean I certainly did that this winter & rushed home for my dose of Jon Snow after this beach adventure.

Make as many days you can an adventure.  Go walk your neighborhood or drive somewhere prettier.  Take LOTS of pictures.  My mom always jokes about my hundreds of pictures but I will never regret them.  Ever.  In fact I’m upgrading to video!  Need the best of both worlds.

The last piece of this post is to wish you all a very Happy Monday!  Let’s kick ass this week.  Tomorrow I plan on a 5am row.  Join me on Snapchat friends:  jlmattes

Go into your week with this enthusiasm and nothing will stand in your way.


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