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A Few [more] Summer Favs

I hope everyone finds pure summertime happiness & bliss the way I do… Gosh I really should find somewhere warm to live.  Chicago summers are legit magical. I’m holding on to each second.

That said, wanted to share some SUMMERTIME FAVS!  Now I know I need to get into the selfie or professional [looking like my product stuff] posed *cough*hector*cough* pictures… But, I’d like to think sometimes I can get my stuff together.  My hair is super long [too long] but I’m into the messy salty hair waves on weekends.  I support wet hair with a bit of this and this magic in it:


This goes onto damp hair.  Running after kids?  no worries! Throw your hair in Princess Leia buns and run; OR, not into the side buns? All good, just try to scrunch and run.  Either way this salty stuff gives your hair texture like you are a surfer mom/babe.   What I love about it is – I really am trying to stop from washing my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY (I know terrible… I have oil problems likely perpetuated by my constant washing).  I swear this stuff helps on weekends.  The texturizing stuff in it makes my hair not feel so oily the next day. The Oribe product I’m ordering more of because that was a magic in a can.  I’m going to try Drybar’s dry shampoo too… I digress, more on that later.  This salty goodness really does help me do quick dos and allows me to air dry without looking like a total spaz.

Sweat?  I sweat all the time.  Cold? Stressed? Hot? Working out? Yep.  I own it, but I found this amazing. AMAZING AMAZING deodorant. If I could always smell like a coconut *daydreams* – or lavender? Are you kidding?  Get. this. and you are welcome.  It’s aluminum free and made right here in the great USofA.  35 hundred happy reviewers. Go check them out at They get two pictures – I’m serious it’s like a blessing to the pits.

I’m sure in some post somewhere I’ve talked about my Target addiction.  I mean Amazon has ruled my life but Target has to be a close second.  IF they had an app like Amazon, holy.guacamole I’d be in BIG trouble (hire me, great idea… upgrade yo’app deliver stuff to our doors).   And just above I talked about loving smelling like a coconut.  I love all the coconuts, like most people.  ANYWHO, I have a thing for this brand:


Coconut probiotic? Sounds great. Give it to me.  But seriously, this saved our skin on vacation.  You NEED to rub it in.  Rub it in well.  No burns over here and I smelled like heaven doused in coconuts.  I have a bronzer one too.  Put this shirt on over your suit and go. True coconut style.  Honestly though I bought this, friend saw it was faulty but it’s still with the purchase.  Same friend actually rocked it with a side knot, super. cute.

I’m off to take O for a nice walk and walk off the last minute home-made mules from last night. HA.  My body is so confused on what to do with the sugar, but you only live once.

I’ll be back with more later!

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