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Baby Feeeeeever

Ok ya’ll. It’s hit hard over here. Miss Jen has baby fever.   It’s probably because this guy: Couldn’t be less baby.  He’s literally moving and shaking at all times until he just crashes. He’s airborne most moments of the day.  He’s sorta like a… Read More

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Spooky Time 2014

Happy Halloween!  I plan on being back with our freezing day festivities (it SNOWED this morning in Chicago) later today but morning today is starting off low-key and is that deceptive cold because it is beautifully sunny outside.  I’m perched atop the famous green ball, just because… Read More

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Train thoughts Ed2

Nothing like iPhone blog updates! Today I walked through Union Station and felt totally nostalgic about the different run expos that I’ve been to there. I’m pretty sure my first 5k packet pickup was there. It excited me about running again. Not sure how the… Read More