Train Thoughts 8/20

pulled up this app and posted train thoughts from last month. 

Random thoughts:

1.  How powerful is music?  High five to my Hoizer pandora station I’m just ūüėć about it. 

2. I can’t believe this app saved stuff from a month ago

3. I never did take MAV’s 8 month pictures so pictures from the 4th will be the placeholder. 

4. I did take 9 month photos but those aren’t up yet.  

5. I hate excuses but I make so many ūüėď

Turning on my positive Brian waves:

I’m loving life these days.  Hector and I are powering through so much both physical: house projects and side stuff and mental: goal setting, making conscience effort to spend time together, to text to chat, to have dinner dates (thanks, mom!).  Some days are way easier than others but things are great.  

We have been taking advantage of the spectacular weather and making several beach trips with my beach babes

And enjoying our growing family.  It’s been great.  Again with some challenges but my practice has really taught me to let it be, let it go.  Pray for those I struggle with because they are on their own journey and they may see their bumps as mountains and don’t heed signs of stormy weather ahead.

Life is what you make of it.  We only get one.  I’m making sure I spend time with people who lift me, push me, and I’m giving back to those I cherish. If it isn’t through obvious gestures it is through my well thought prayers. 

Fitness goals: 

I’ve started the running game again. I’ve made excuses but I have missed it.  Bought myself fancy headphones that don’t fall out of my weird ears ūüėä #littlethings 

Yoga daily!  Even if it’s a couple sun salutations over a five minute period.  I need my flexibility back and the beauty of my happy selfish place.  

What are you up to? Today I’m grateful for the train that gives me 40-50 minutes of thought. #reset 

Give life a high five and follow me on Insta: Jelmvilla 

#liveyourbestlife #namaste 


Time Bandit & Brain Dump II

Yes. ¬†Time, GRRRR! ¬†You are insane, the way you steal minutes away from me. ¬†My littlest love will be 4 whole weeks young tomorrow. And one MONTH old by the end of the week. ¬†I have to plan my “one month” photo shoot, with my little guy- let’s see how successful I am with putting that together haha. ¬†I also want to figure out some cute Christmasy photos because I’d like to ATTEMPT to get out Christmas cards this year. ¬†But each day flies by and everything just seems – well – harder than it is.


Yesterday my day was filled with cleaning, meditating, hanging with my littles and a wonderful 2.5 hour nap time where I slept about 30 minutes but was able to read for a solid 1.5 hours. I love reading. I tend to start books, not finish, or finish a good book and then be done with reading way longer that I’m ok with. ¬†Nursing, cuddling and late nights helps me with reading time – also now that Evan knows what cartoons are – I read during cartoon time ūüôā (yep, my kid watches cartoons, no I’m not the devil, it happens). ¬†I’m reading Vanished because my best posted she finished it on Goodreads, because we are so alike, I thought grabbing that one – no thinking required lol. ¬†I soak up lots of minutes staring that these faces, but some mental reading exercises are very welcome:


I’m feeling much better these days. ¬†I know that very soon I’ll be taking some time away to get in my workouts (where I actually say – here hector – I’m going out with Oso for 45 minutes, or using my yoga groupon I bought 6 months ago) & I welcome this because I miss my workout highs and need some alone time. ¬†However, I get a very high amount of¬†anxiety when leaving the boys. ¬†Especially Michael, as he is exclusively breast fed and I’m not building my freezer stash as quickly as I’d like. ¬†He has had one day where he has had a bottle for a feeding, just to introduce it to him. ¬†I’m not the biggest fan because 1) I prefer nursing over pumping and 2) because I will go back to work and pump for him, he will have LOTS of bottle sessions then, so I sorta relish in the time to nurse him now whereas when I go back to work he will be mostly bottle fed.

I’m spending a lot of time behind my camera these days. Michael is fun to photograph because he is usually quiet still, but Evan is still a little difficult. haha ūüôā I think I’m going to take a photography class with my sister in the Spring. ¬†That or an excel class because I’d like to hone those skills. Again, time bandit will tell me what I can and cannot do these next few months. I’m feeling very optimistic these days. ¬†Nursing happy hormones? ¬†Who knows, but I love it.


Don’t mind the mess. ¬†It’s real life in the am when we are scrambling, I’ll make my bed soon – I have clean sheets to put on ūüėČ and a blog to write lol. ¬†Right now Michael is comfy in the Moby as I work on my posture and rock him side to side¬†(great core time!)

Photo on 12-2-14 at 11.49 AM #3 Photo on 12-2-14 at 11.49 AM


– Shoulders up and back. –

He is super cute he has his hand in his face, just like when he came into this world. ¬†This week we are putting up the tree and finishing up Christmas decorating. ¬†We are also going to the city Friday to do some homeowner exemption stuff and check out some lights… get some fresh air. ¬†Evan is running around right now saying “I’m dancing right now momma, I’m dancing.” ¬†I need to get him outside today. ¬†I’ll probably bundle everyone up and take a walk around the block. Venturing out is quiet the ordeal when it is cold out. Gah. ha ¬†Or when you are one person with two children and a dog (Oso would HATE ME if he didn’t go out too) – the thought of this adventure is making me slightly tired and scared hahaha.

Yesterday THIS happened:


It was nice to watch the twinkling of the fire in our fireplace. ¬†I even helped myself to a cup of hot chocolate ūüôā

Oh! ¬†Thanksgiving. ¬†It was a success. ¬†If I can get all my pictures in the same place I’ll happily update and do my “Thankful List” which I’ve done the past two years. ¬†I’ve already started it but – it is sitting unfinished. ūüôā

Ok, well I have mom duties to attend to. Happy Tuesday!

Time for Thanks

Each year the leaves fall, the weather gets cold and the nights start way too early. ¬†The darkness at 4 p.m. reminds me the holidays are near – it is sorta magical once the twinkle lights go up and you see the Christmas trees start to peak out of people’s windows. ¬†Add that white powdery stuff I’m NEVER ready for, but looks pretty beneath the lights and yup, it is like the holidays are early in Chicago.

This time of year is great for reflection and after the most challenging year of my life, I am reminded that I’m still so grateful for so many things and nothing tops the list more than my relationships with God and my family, friends, and of course, my¬†beautiful healthy children:



The last 3 weeks (YES 3 WEEKS TODAY, ALREADY!) – have been the most amazing¬†weeks of the year. ¬†Even through recovery, temper tantrums, soreness, hormones, change… The list seems endless, so much has fit into these past 3 weeks – I’ve never felt so much love. ¬†Your heart does double in size when you have your second child. When you don’t think it can expand more, it just does. ¬†I watch Evan with Michael and love him more, I watch Hector with them both – and I love him more, I watch Michael grow in front of my eyes and I just am filled with – thanks. ¬†I’m very lucky to have such a beautiful family. ¬†My heart couldn’t be more full.

DSC_0416 DSC_0408


Even though breastfeeding has it challenges, it is amazing to watch¬†your child grow and thrive because of the goodness you are feeding him. ¬†Michael has changed so much already. ¬†3 weeks in newborn life is like a year. ¬†He is more alert, much fuller and sleeps a bit better already – oh and he nurses better, one trade off for his quick growth is longer sleep stretches¬†and more efficient nursing although they are not unbelievable changes they are changes I can notice more significantly than with Evan. ¬†Maybe it is the second time around – who knows, but I’m much more in tune with everything this time around. ¬†I’ve been resting as much as possible but am FINALLY starting to feel like myself, I feel a little more energized each day. ¬†Even though my days are absolutely full right now.


So what are we up to in week 3, the day(s) before Thanksgiving? ¬†Thanksgiving prep, of course. ¬†My husband pulled out Christmas decorations on Monday and we started putting them up, Evan woke from a nap and started shouting “DADDY, CHRISTMAS, I LIKE IT, CHRISTMAS, DADDY, LOOK!” – I have a feeling this Christmas will be even better than last as far as Evan’s involvement and excitement. ¬†He sees Santa and says “Christmas!” – this kid is too much. ¬†He is absolutely hysterical these days. ¬†I just sit and stare and am amazed by the conversations he has with people. ¬†I can’t wait to sit him down to watch the parade tomorrow, he will be so cute!

What else am I grateful for? ¬†My lovely yoga mat, thank you for being my peace, my space for healing, thinking and stretching… You are the best therapist.

Evan is nursing a cold, baby is congested but both are better than yesterday – either way,¬†boys¬†will likely stay in pjs today and I’m sure Michael will be wrapped in the Moby for a good part of the day because I have¬†tons of work – cleaning, cooking, nursing, playing…. A little bit o’shopping (sans boys). So we are going to get moving over here – Just starting the week off with a Thankful post, as it is the season. ¬†Hope to be back with updated – what we did today – pictures.



I’m also so grateful for my (still broken) camera. ¬†ūüėÄ

Spooky Time 2014

Happy Halloween! ¬†I plan on being back with our freezing¬†day festivities (it SNOWED this morning in Chicago) later today but morning today is starting off low-key and is that deceptive cold because it is beautifully sunny outside. ¬†I’m perched atop¬†the famous green ball, just because it makes a good chair. ¬†I’ve given up on doing all things to get baby out. ¬†Seriously. ¬†He is clearly on his own schedule and the stress is just making me nuts, I only had a mini-meltdown last night thinking Hector may not be around when I need him and my level of uncomfortableness wasn’t as bad as the day before (not sure if that is positive or negative‚Ķ). ¬†My friends are incredible, I received several check in messages from my momma’s and they all were just perfect. ¬†Last night¬†we¬†tried accupressure points (Hector has been awesome, it really actually made me feel very relaxed, but alas, still preg), walking and resting yesterday – nada. ¬†I have an acupuncture appointment tonight, so I’m doing all I can do and that‚Ķ Is that.

We are going to run out this afternoon to get Evan a costume. ¬†I cannot believe he doesn’t have one!! ¬†On a scale from 1-10 I feel terrible to a 9 on this, but I did look around! ¬†I’m sooooo bummed I didn’t get him that darn Dragon costume! He does have pjs but of course last night he wanted to wear his american flag t-shirt so he isn’t even wearing those right now. ¬†Oso has some PJs too so I can’t wait to squeeze him into those and take some skeleton pictures with my piles of bones dudes.


Look at my baby pumpkin 2012!!! ¬†How cute! ‚̧

Festive, huh? :-)
Festive, huh? ūüôā

And we bought a new candle for my haunted house. ¬†So throwbacks it is today. ¬†I think I might even stop at TJs for a couple of pumpkins to carve and toast pumpkin seeds. ¬†May as well keep busy? ¬†What are your Halloween traditions? ¬†My family has always decorated, dressed up and done pumpkins! ¬†We are a festive bunch that loves this time of year! ¬†I’m thinking maybe even baking something since it is so cold, pumpkin bread or something – who knows. Cookies? ¬†Maybe I’ll call call the cookie queen, Colie Molie.


We might even stream Hocus Pocus in the background all day – Evan actually LOVES that movie! Ha.

What do I do with a toddler on a cold day like today? ¬†Anyone know good places he can score some candy? ¬†Not that he needs any – he might just get a trip to Grandma’s house or a surprise stop at Auntie Joanna’s and the MARS factory. ¬†Who knows! ¬†Till a bit later my friends!

Train thoughts Ed2

Nothing like iPhone blog updates! Today I walked through Union Station and felt totally nostalgic about the different run expos that I’ve been to there. I’m pretty sure my first 5k packet pickup was there. It excited me about running again. Not sure how the brain picks up these things I think it’s a mixture of me thinking “geez this is perfect running weather” or the fact most of my races have been held in the city so it automatically gets my run brain workin. Anywho, I’m too afraid to run now because of my ankle but ran well into my third trimester with Evan. I have a love hate relationship with running. Some days I would force myself out of bed to run “because I had to” other days I looked forward to my runs for so many reasons: stress relief, me time, race prep. I’d be all in or need a break. I’m considering this my time to fall in love again.

This baby is due at a time that will likely put me outside of ideal running conditions outside, but that hasn’t stopped me from REALLY contemplating Long Grove’s turkey trot this Thanksgiving, they have a run/walk 5k and strollers are allowed so I’m sorta daydreaming about walking with my sis and a stroller while wearing baby 2. It will be too soon for a run goal, but I think a walk in the race atmosphere sounds totally blissful and It sounds like the perfect way to 1) remind myself I love the race atmosphere so much!! And 2) a great way to get in some mileage on a day I usually indulge a bit ‚̧ԳŹ.

My my ride is coming to an end! Geez express train that was fast!

Thanks for reading my train thoughts! Happy Friday!


Loving Weekends, per usual

I don’t know what makes life go faster. ¬†A two year old, or a rapidly approaching newborn. ¬†Any ideas?

I’m expanding like no other, or so it feels. ¬†It felt good yesterday that my overly honest, no filter bro said, “you don’t even look pregnant, it is hard to believe the baby will be here soon.” But I may have a stretch mark forming which is totally weird because 1) never got them before, 2) I haven’t itched for a second and 3) it is like a light pink scratch looking thing. ¬†I’m hoping it is paranoia but only time will tell and needless to say I’ve upped water intake and lathering up on my belly butter. ¬† I’m trying not to stress about it, but I’ve accepted anything body related I stress about.

Here is a breakdown of yesterday:

Woke up, cuddled with my two year old.  Ran out of the house for a glucose test.  What a fun thing to do as a prego.  Make me drink this pretty gross orange drink first think in the am, and sit around for an hour.  Luckily I had good company, my momma & my number one little dude right now.  We stopped for brunch after:



Afterwards, a quick run to Costco for some staples, Penguin came with:


We came home and BOTH napped. ¬†Clearly the blood drawing took a lot out of¬†us ūüėČ


After our nap, we took a quick walk to EP’s taste. ¬†The weather was INCREDIBLE. The atmosphere was awesome, way better than previous years – we enjoyed live bands, a few bites of food I don’t normally touch and Evan had¬†a BLAST on some of the rides. ¬†My heart was so full watching him, it almost exploded.


We also enjoyed an insanely beautiful sunset:


It was such a sweet night.  Uncle Joe even made an appearance that Evan loved:


By the time we got home, we were all ready to crash and we did.  But not before some rough housing with our poor pup, Oso:


Today has been just as fast paced. ¬†Although we slept in! ¬†Didn’t really roll out of bed until around 7:45 about an hour and 45 minutes later than usual. ¬†Maybe third trimester sleepies? ¬†Who knows. Hahaha. ¬†I went shopping with one of my very best friends, Joanna. ¬†Brought Evan home for a nap and am catching up on some other thoughts that I plan to write about in the not too far future like breastfeeding, prepping a big boy’s room and a nursery AGAIN *sigh* so much to do.

Well, I’m off for a laundry marathon. ¬†Followed by cleaning, organizing, some yoga and cuddling with my two year old. ¬†Oh! ¬†Salmon for dinner and one of our family walks. ¬†I’m telling you there has been nothing better lately.

Happy Sunday!

Favorite Coffee Cup & Why I Need to Live Somewhere Warm

Anyone have a favorite coffee cup?  I do. I do. I do.  I irrationally love this cup.


I have two others just like it except the color inside is different and so is the logo on the front of the cup, it has to be the bear (Yukon blend). ¬†It’s the perfect size, perfect texture (matte), great handle… Well made! ¬† I don’t know what it is but when someone else uses¬†my cup¬†I have an inside irrational response of *gasp* “MINE” lol. ¬†Luckily unlike my one and half year old, I don’t scream “Mine Mine” at the person using the cup, but I do practically hug it the next time it is in my hands.

So this morning is a good morning, my computer, Lorde Pandora, and my cup ‚̧

I’ve always been a person who has worked on ways to make myself and the things around me better. ¬†My newest endeavor? ¬†Waking up¬†really early¬†everyday of the week. ¬†My alarm goes off around 4:30 a.m. ¬†problem is, I use the cold as an excuse to cuddle under my covers for the next half hour. ¬†Then when I head to the treadmill it is¬†cold down there! ¬†This weather hates me, and the rest of Chicago. ¬†I literally sit here and day dream about morning runs outside with my early morning companion, Oso:



I just keep telling myself: ¬†It’s coming. It’s coming.

But, to avoid this crap in the future. ¬†I should just move somewhere warm! ūüôā hehe.

No, on the bright side, I’m crazy blessed and lucky to have the option of running on a tredmill at my gym or in my home. ¬†I just can’t wait until the snow and ice melts so I can run the early morning streets of my neighborhood. (Trust me, Oso can’t wait either!)

Happy Tuesday!

Random Thursday Thoughts


The day before Friday.  One of the more naturally productive days of the week for me.  I get a sudden burst of energy, and feel like I can take on more things.  Am I the only one?

Also, weather has been cray! ¬†Today I woke up to Thunder, which means rain, which means WARM! ¬†It also means I’m going to have to order a pair of Hunters or something as I’m ruining my riding boots, yo.

Obsessed with my essential oils still:



Yesterday I had a hard day at work, got home super late, missed yoga and the gym *sad violin* but came home to a new shaker bottle, score! And that awesome manifesto bag that I have heart eyes for and Hector glares at hehe. ¬†Scored an awesome deal on the We Made Too Much Page ūüėČ

On that note, anyone else tell friends/fam/hubs “it was on SALE! I just had to have it?” ¬†lol ¬†Hector hears this far too often with anything that is workout related. ¬†Next up, snow pants,and ski gear (hat, gloves, matching jacket)!

Why snowpants and more at the *hopefully* end of winter? ¬†Because I want to go skiing for the first time in my life. ¬†Anyone been to devil’s head? There is a Groupon. ¬†Yep never ever hit the slopes.

Finally, I need a vacation.  Somewhere tropical.  I need a plan.

One more thing.  Have a wonderful day. Breathe, eat something to feed your soul and body (add avacado *bliss*), take a yoga/Pilates class and treat yourself to at least 5 minutes of meditation.

Namaste Friends off to Alexander the sh*t out of my day. ūüôā

Little Man Update – 1.5 Years *GASP*

My how time flies.  I know I say that every time I blog, but NOTHING could be more true.  Honestly before I know it WEEKS have gone by.

When Evan was first born we would count his weeks “Oh he is 5 weeks old” that turned into months “He is 4.5 months” which has now turned to half years “He is¬†one and a half” *sobs*

He has grown so much and continues to blow me away with his knowledge. ¬†He is full on bilingual. ¬†He knows more Spanish and can go back and forth better then Hector can ūüôā ¬†It blows me away! ¬†Typically we ask “More?” and he will say “mas, si” haha or we will say “Say thank you” and he will say “gracias” yesterday he did another phrase and I remember being so blown away because I just am so proud. ¬† I’ve of course forgotten it, but will have to wrack my brain because it was a good one!! ¬†He knows his first swear word in¬†Spanish¬†and I laugh so hard when he says it that I’m sure he will continue to say it more and more.¬†Evan sings the birthday song, old¬†McDonald, and takes¬†stabs at everything else. ¬†He knows all his objects, hats, socks, food, water (agua), toys, car, ipad, tv, shoes, boots (yep knows the difference), bed, bath, oso…. etc really the list is endless. ¬†He knows people! ¬†Points and everything Colie, Gamma (or Debbie!), Abue,¬†Hector, Daddie, Josh (Tio, Tio, Tio), Naci (Nancy), JOE!, Joey, and of course Mama… haha ‚̧ ¬†He is perfection. ¬†He speaks in phrases, says everything in context and is just amazing. ¬†Really how did I get so lucky?

As much as I loved squishy baby phase, I must say this independent toddler phase is a blast. ¬†He is just so curious and funny and I love watching his personality. ¬†I honestly just stare at him sometimes as if I cannot believe he is real, I cannot imagine my life without him and there is nowhere I’d rather be then with him. ¬†I love how he laughs, and how boyish he is. ¬†He is a little dare devil! ¬†I want to soak up as much of it as I can! He makes me so happy, and proud (did I say that already?).

We had his 18 month checkup and it of course went very well (he needs a haircut, I know but I can’t bring myself to do it):

IMG_3892 IMG_3897


27lbs 1oz (90th percentile for weight) 34.5 inches tall (98th percentile for height) РHe is perfectly proportioned but definitely a big guy, and very strong.

Must be all the green drinks ūüėČ

IMG_3889 IMG_3890

He is a great eater – not picky at all and has almost all his teeth, definitely a full mouth.

I’ve already started thinking about his 2nd birthday party (when I’ve yet to blog about his first one! ¬†Which I will because it was AMAZING!):DSC_0054

I’m thinking paper airplanes or nautical themed. ¬†We shall see… I went a little crazy last year and hope to scale back haha:

123 12 1


Scary that I’m opening my brain to that once again. ¬†We should probably just go on vacation instead ūüôā lol.

I am so over the moon with my little guy.  Happy Half Birthday To You:



(thanks for still cuddling ‚̧ )


Visions, Sugarplums and Garland OH MY!

Happy Holidays, friends!  I hope everyone had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I know we did!  Lots of love, cookies, celebrating and wrapping paper Рall last minute of course!


IMG_3445 IMG_3443



Evan was a BLAST this year for Christmas.¬† Everything was “Wow” and “eeeee” when he was opening his gifts.¬† So much different from our sweet itty 6 month old last year:DSC_1006

Both perfection, in their own special way.¬† I feel so blessed.¬† – My wonderful husband let me go to a holiday yoga class at our local CorePower studio.¬†¬†It was the perfect end to an amazing morning.¬† It was warm, filled with great energy and a great instructor – there isn’t anything else I could have asked for.

We spent the rest of the holiday with lots of family, ate too many cookies and enjoyed my mom’s awesome spread!¬† Cannolis, shrimpies, crab dip, Polish goodies – the works.


We also went light hunting.  We LOVE Christmas lights and were able to see some really sweet displays in our neighborhood:

IMG_3482 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3458

Finally, we cuddled with our sweet little dude.¬† He was so amazing, as always.¬† I am blown away by him, everyday.¬† The perfect gift to our family ‚̧

IMG_3475 IMG_3474

Hope your Christmas was amazing!¬† Back later with a New Years post! ‚̧