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Baby Feeeeeever

Ok ya’ll.

It’s hit hard over here. Miss Jen has baby fever.   It’s probably because this guy:


Couldn’t be less baby.  He’s literally moving and shaking at all times until he just crashes.


He’s airborne most moments of the day.  He’s sorta like a rubber chicken, just bounces off stuff.  Smashes into things and just is crazy, but in the best way.  His energy is the best and as fun as ALMOST 3 is…

We are fresh out of baby clothes, toys and all that and I’m missing it.  It’s NO secret I’m the worst pregnant woman.  When I think about pregnancy in my head I’m like it’s not so bad, I can handle it.  I wrote this post about how to feel about pregnancy the next time after I had Evan and when I was pregnant with Michael? I still HATED BEING PREGNANT.  I want to clarify what I hate about pregnancy.  It’s feeling exhausted, not myself and sharing my body which I’m too obsessive about.  I’m way too body conscious and although with BOTH my pregnancies I gained around 20-25lbs I still STRESSED about it.  I’ve definitely come to understand that those preg hormones, not for me. I get morning sickness, feel gross and my thighs expand *sigh*.

BUT – I still think I want to do it again because I love babies and I feel like I’m supposed to have them.  I bring my babies home and I know what I’m doing.  I’m CONFIDENT in what I’m doing even when that stupid lady in the store gives you the stink eye (or EVEN says something!  when your baby is chewing on something potentially dirty INSERT EYE ROLL).

The fact my oldest is now five FIVE five years old and starting KINDERGARTEN has also put me over the edge:


No seriously someone hold me.


I also love that getting older means I really do care a lot less about people’s opinions.  One day I’m going to write a blog about being a young mom because I had Evan when I was 25 which was younger than a lot of my friends (not all of them!) but thinking about a baby after 30 is interesting and I’ll have to share my thoughts on all that.

Anywho I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day with my dudes and start jotting down ideas for more content like EXTENDED breastfeeding (happy dance), favorite kid stuff and what we are up to, per usual.

Today we saw peacocks and butterflies so I’ll leave you with a couple shots of those guys:




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