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Evan’s New Adventure

We are finding a new routine around here.  My oldest son has started Kindergarten.

My whole heart simultaneously swelled with happiness and sadness.  Happiness because my boy is growing and thriving.  Sadness for the obvious – he’s a baby no more.  “Always my baby you’ll be” will always be in my heart but the truth is he is (and has been for some time) a little person learning, testing boundaries and soaking up all there is to know about life.


Evan is a special soul he is sensitive, sweet and smart.  He was born a sweet soul.  As we awaited his late start I tried to fill my mind with other things; keeping busy making sure things around the house were picked up and he was ready to go.  Michael and him walked around saying “it’s Kindergarten day!”  We put on jeans, took pictures, realized it was too hot for jeans, changed to shorts lol.  Time ticked away too quickly and before we knew it Evan and I got in the car, drove the short drive to school, pulled up the new color doors and waited for them to open.

Evan stood close to me looking around for children he recognized and people quickly gathered on the grass outside the doors.  The teachers walked out with signs with their names on it and we got in line next to his new teacher.  Parents were allowed in the new classroom and were given a high level of what’s changing from preschool to kindergarten.  Not going to lie, I was instantly more nervous.  I started thinking to myself this is so much overwhelming information.  It’s literally school.  They are going to teach Evan a lot of independence this year.  I’m quite comfortable with this because Evan already has to be very independent due to Hector and I’s work schedules but still it’s just crazy to think how much more ridged his life is going to be.


The teacher went on about making sure the kids were well rested getting at least 12 hours of sleep; and that they could not be late.  They would be getting homework (so soon!) and that this little blue folder was super important and needed to be brought to school EVERYDAY.  After lots of speaking she sat down with he children and read a book called “The Kissing Hand.” That’s when it took ALL OF ME to hold it together and not start sobbing.  I needed the kissing hand…

The wonderful thing that happens with newness of things is a re-evaluation of routines (or the establishment of them!).  So we’ve started a new things to help Evan make sure he’s organized and responsible for his things [more not that later!].

This new adventure is just in preparation for the rest of his life.  Like I said – so happy for him but also the dull ache of him being a true baby no more.

Good luck my love it is so amazing to watch you go through these new adventures!!!


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