Nurse. Yoga. Play. Sleep. Eat. Repeat.

These are the words of the moment.  Six words that I live over and over and over again. I’m cool with it though because, I feel so content right now.


Our lives are absolutely nuts right now.  The days are blurred together and I rarely know what day of the week it is.  Most days I’m living in yoga stuff because a lot of things still don’t fit me… I’m struggling with my new “right now” body.  Change when it comes to my body is and always has been so hard for me, but snuggles and smiles from my boys helps me remember it is worth it and I will get back to where I need to be.  But the daily dose of yoga also helps me find contentment, balance and humbles me that I have to take it slow and steady…I was given a special gift yesterday –  a trip to the yoga studio special thanks to my husband and medela for making that possible. It was a beautiful Hot Power Fusion class, a mix of hot yoga static postures, glorious heat and short vinyasa flows. I will definitely be easing that back into my regular schedule.  BUT Merry early Christmas to me via the Fitnessista is 15 days free to Barre3 which has some postnatal videos as short as 10 minutes long I plan on doing everyday for the next two weeks!  Boom. #winning

What else is going on?  Christmas Cheer and incomplete trees:



Again, it will get there – it is pretty though – I love the magical Christmas lights 🙂 I put over 700 lights on that tree, it was sappy.  But really pretty:

IMG_3202 IMG_3206


Evan was an amazing little helper:


So our “play” time has been a lot of decorating, and watching “The Santa Clause” over and over. I love that movie and know almost all the words by heart.  Evan loves “santa” and “christmas” too. ❤ He also enjoys mixing all his play doh colors together until it is a nice shade of grey. 😉

Today I have a coffee date, and some cleaning to do.  It should be crazy. Just the way we like it over here.


November 5, 2014 – Arrival of Mr. Michael Alexander

So I started writing this the morning of – and am just getting around to finishing it up!

Good morning/noon/night – from November 5th, 2014.

This  morning started off early.  Me tossing and turning in bed, the impending “induction time” quickly approaching. I remember telling a friend on Facebook “Happy [half hour before your] Birthday” at around 11:25p.m. and then shutting down.  I had been on my Amazon app seeing if there was any last minute items I wanted to order – anything that the baby needs, I need, Evan needs.  I also text messaged my mom – something along the lines, “Hector is snoring, that is so unfair” – lol.

I woke up around 2:30, went to the bathroom, woke up around 4, 5 and finally rolled out of bed about 5:20.  I had showered the night before so I just did a normal get ready routine, ate a banana and thought to myself “I hope they consider this a light breakfast” – clearly I know better but also clearly, I don’t have too much of an appetite and I haven’t gone shopping – shame. on. me. (reminds me I should probably make someone a list to grab a few things for us lol).  Evan is still peacefully sleeping and I cannot help but stare at his perfect little face.  We cuddled all night long, our last night at home as a family of 3.


I’d nudged Hector about 100x asking him to get up.  Hector isn’t the most prompt person on the planet.  Makes me nuts.  But finally he got up, got dressed and we waited for Grandma Debbie.  She decided to stop by and hang with Evan while he was sleeping so we didn’t have to wake him up, get him dressed and get a crabby 2 year old in the car.  Grandma Debbie rules. Before I knew it I was scrambling to make sure we had everything we needed.  And we were off.  This whole time I had some cramping and light spotting (like every morning for the past two weeks).  I didn’t think anything of it and didn’t tell anyone about it because of all my “false alarms” – I even deleted the contraction app I downloaded and I’m so glad I didn’t upgrade it.  I remember being in the car so annoyed because I felt like we were going to be really late.  How come I didn’t account for traffic on Wednesday morning?  While on the expressway I was still noticing contractions.  Nothing crazy, just a bit painful.  We finally arrived at the hospital. As Hector looked for parking, somehow annoying me – I just wanted to get upstairs as we were already late.

The nice thing about our hospital is it is so laid back, Hector and I bantered back and forth, as we always do and I was walking with my heavy bag (naturally) and walking through contractions.  We get up stairs and admitted walked in around 7:10 (10 minutes late).  They inform me of the usual, have me sign a couple of forms, and walk us to room 5, the same room I delivered Evan in!  We walked in and were greeted by two nurses:


Our head nurse was Dawn, a sweet lady who had clearly been there a while.  And Ivette, who was doing a rotation on the floor and was clearly new.  So Dawn (same nurse that admitted me with Evan!) was talking her through everything she was doing and having her perform everything (IV, blood, etc.) – at first I was slightly annoyed that there was a student but she was so sweet that quickly faded.  Both nurses were great. I informed them I was having contractions that morning and they saw them clearly on the monitor.  Ivette had never seen a birth from start to finish as babies were highly unpredictable so she had saw bits and pieces but was hoping for a beginning to end experience, so she pretty much begged me to have the baby before 7 p.m., and I told her “that’s the plan!” (I couldn’t imagine having to be in labor for 10+ hours but knew with an induction that could be very possible outcome). Even with my regular contractions they still set it up as an induction so I was given a very small dose of pitocin because they knew from my appointment on Monday, that I was already 3.5CM dilated and likely further a long as I was getting regular contractions (I scoffed at this…lol).  After all the admin stuff and IVs it was about 8 a.m. and Dr. San Juan walked in to check me.  He told us “she is 4+ and ‘very breakable'” – so he broke my water and said that would speed things up.  He also said I could have an epidural if I wanted one – to which I quickly replied – Yep! please. I knew if my friends Nicole and Joanna said that around 8cm it is unbearable pain, I’d rather not get there… lol.  Dr. San Juan noticed how low my pit. drip was and said to the nurse “up it every 15 minutes” – Dawn said “honey, I won’t do that to you until you have the epidural, these doctors.” – Clearly I appreciated this, she was hoping I didn’t have to be in crazy pain if I didn’t have to be.   PS with Evan, when they broke my water I didn’t feel anything, this time super gross as I felt gushes at every contraction lol.



So it was now about 8:40, my nurses had given me fluids but also came in and said that there was a c-section planned at 9 a.m. and that I’d likely have to wait for the epidural because the doctor on call would have to be there for the c-section.  She then checked my contractions and they were super close together (I clearly noticed this) – I could handle that if they would get me up and let me move around but sitting in bed wasn’t pleasant and they were getting stronger and closer together really really quickly.  10 minutes later she walked in and said that she was going to see if the anestesologist  could come in before the c-section because she thought it might be too late to get it if I had to wait much longer.  Nurse DAWN  to the rescue! lol  Shortly after Dr. Whitcom popped in and administered the epidural.  He was fantastic and Hector got to hold me <3.  I also noticed that JUST LIKE Evan, as I sat there, contractions REALLY hurt.  The 60 seconds of rest were nice and I felt good but then a really good contraction would set in and I found it hard to sit still. So just like Evan I was getting the Epi just in time.  So by 9:30 the epidural was done.  The relief you feel is so strange and I sat there while he monitored all the vitals for about 15 minutes, I felt really relaxed, almost too relaxed.  I just breathed through it, something about going through this the second time – I knew this was temporary uncomfortableness that would pass – and it did.  The doctor told me about getting more with the help of a fancy button, that just like Evan – I never had to press and told the nurse NOT to press for me lol.   Dawn had set up to go to that before mentioned c-section and that left me with nurse Ivette, for some reason that section kept getting pushed (can you imagine being that mom?) – I remember nurse Ivette walking in looking slightly nervous sorta like “wait, don’t have this baby YET!” lol  – I was perfectly comfortable paying attention to my guests (my mom dad and Evan had walked in JUST after the epidural).


Things progressed so quickly after the epidural.  Nurse Dawn came in asking me if I felt pressure around 10:15 and said she was going to check me because at every contraction the baby was saying “my head is being squished” and because of the Epi I didn’t mind lol.  So Her and Ivette took turns and Ivette said I would say she is about 8, nurse Dawn corrected and said 7-8 and here is why – I felt like I was learning with Ivette, haha. I couldn’t believe that from 8-10:20 I had gone from 4 to 7-8 and she turned down my pitocin.  The nurses left quickly again, I chatted with my parents and Hector and 20 minutes later my nurses walked in asking if I was feeling pressure because she was noticing the pattern of my contractions and his slowed heart were more frequent.  So at 10:39 (Hector took notes for me!) I was 8-9 almost complete with just a small lip/GAP left.  Nurse Ivette kept telling me – wow the baby is right there! Like right there!  Nurse Dawn never did make it to the c-section haha.  They called Dr. San Juan and asked my parents to leave – and we were going to try a test push to see where my numbness was (as I hadn’t gotten the epi too long before this).  Everyone was really surprised at how quickly this all went. I didn’t even feel like I had been there an hour.  Dr. San Juan walked in around 11:15 a.m. and really quickly got dressed, moved the bottom of the bed and they basically said he’d be here soon.  After two big pushes and a few smaller ones (Dr. San Juan asked for smaller ones), Mr. Michael was on my chest at 11:32 a.m. just 4ish hours after WALKING into the hospital and 3ish hours after being hooked up to IVs and such.

IMG_7315 IMG_7504

Michael Alexander – Born 11:32 a.m. 7 lbs 10 oz 19 inches – 7/5/2014

I told them I wanted plenty of skin to skin time so baby was put immediately on my chest and I just held him for about an hour, he nursed and it was perfection as Dr. San Juan stitched me up – got a 2nd degree tear because just like his bro he came out with a fist in his face (I wonder how common this is!).  I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotion.  The nice thing about this time around was they didn’t rush me out of the room like with Evan.  They left Hector, baby and I pretty much alone (short check ins) to bond with the new baby.  Hector even got a bit emotional – out of nowhere it was a surreal moment.  Super special.

Then Nicole, Mom, Dad and big brother Evan came to visit:


I gave baby to daddy and co. for a short time so that moment could happen. It was so perfect to watch.  My sister snapped a couple sweet pictures of the newbie and us:

IMG_7338 IMG_7341

It was a perfect morning.  Followed by a beautiful afternoon with the newest member of our family.  Nurse Ivette was so happy she got her start to finish “perfect” birth – and I felt overwhelmed that I had such a wonderful experience once again.  I’ve been so lucky. Even though I’ve had to wait until 41 weeks with both my boys, the induction experiences for me have been flawless. Maybe I shouldn’t chance it a 3rd time. lol

They slowly moved us to our postpartum room with a view.

IMG_7354 IMG_7349



My crazy prompt parents sent flowers (sunflowers remind us of Grandma who we miss dearly <3) and brought beautiful balloons:



Where we cuddled and admired, perfect baby feet, new relationships and my sweet baby Michael A.:

IMG_7358 IMG_7360 IMG_7362 IMG_7365 IMG_7368 IMG_7378


Our beautiful new baby boy.  It was a quiet night – Auntie Joanna came by, my parents came back with some dinner and then we were all alone for a night of skin to skin, lots of snoring (Hector), no sleep (for me, I hate hospitals), and LOTS of cramping and “bottom” soreness. lol  I did make my request quiet clear – I wanted out ASAP – and they obliged as long as everyone looked good – and we did.  So 24 hours later we were setting up to get home:


I wanted to see Evan SO BAD.  I missed him so much – what felt like forever… We were finally on our way.

Here is the reaction when I saw Evan:


I kid you not, tears in my eyes. He looked so huge, but was so happy to see us ❤

IMG_7410 IMG_7508


We visited shortly with grandma and grandpa, and then they left us.  Oso behaved beautifully and after all the excitement – we all settled down to cuddle in bed:


I got some more skin to skin time with my little:


Look how hairy!! ❤

So there it is the story of our newest addition. ❤

Love the VILLAS! (Baby stirring Evan about to watch Fire & Rescue) – My life is so sweet right now.



Spooky Time 2014

Happy Halloween!  I plan on being back with our freezing day festivities (it SNOWED this morning in Chicago) later today but morning today is starting off low-key and is that deceptive cold because it is beautifully sunny outside.  I’m perched atop the famous green ball, just because it makes a good chair.  I’ve given up on doing all things to get baby out.  Seriously.  He is clearly on his own schedule and the stress is just making me nuts, I only had a mini-meltdown last night thinking Hector may not be around when I need him and my level of uncomfortableness wasn’t as bad as the day before (not sure if that is positive or negative…).  My friends are incredible, I received several check in messages from my momma’s and they all were just perfect.  Last night we tried accupressure points (Hector has been awesome, it really actually made me feel very relaxed, but alas, still preg), walking and resting yesterday – nada.  I have an acupuncture appointment tonight, so I’m doing all I can do and that… Is that.

We are going to run out this afternoon to get Evan a costume.  I cannot believe he doesn’t have one!!  On a scale from 1-10 I feel terrible to a 9 on this, but I did look around!  I’m sooooo bummed I didn’t get him that darn Dragon costume! He does have pjs but of course last night he wanted to wear his american flag t-shirt so he isn’t even wearing those right now.  Oso has some PJs too so I can’t wait to squeeze him into those and take some skeleton pictures with my piles of bones dudes.


Look at my baby pumpkin 2012!!!  How cute! ❤

Festive, huh? :-)
Festive, huh? 🙂

And we bought a new candle for my haunted house.  So throwbacks it is today.  I think I might even stop at TJs for a couple of pumpkins to carve and toast pumpkin seeds.  May as well keep busy?  What are your Halloween traditions?  My family has always decorated, dressed up and done pumpkins!  We are a festive bunch that loves this time of year!  I’m thinking maybe even baking something since it is so cold, pumpkin bread or something – who knows. Cookies?  Maybe I’ll call call the cookie queen, Colie Molie.


We might even stream Hocus Pocus in the background all day – Evan actually LOVES that movie! Ha.

What do I do with a toddler on a cold day like today?  Anyone know good places he can score some candy?  Not that he needs any – he might just get a trip to Grandma’s house or a surprise stop at Auntie Joanna’s and the MARS factory.  Who knows!  Till a bit later my friends!

Nesting Away… What We Did Today

Well I’m still pregnant.  39 weeks 5 days pregnant.  Contractions on and off, some painful some not so much.  I’m feeling pretty good today so we started the day off with coffee in bed and shopping for deck supplies because we need to weather proof our deck.  We thought it would be a no big deal, slap some clear coat on and call it a day…  Well after a lecture from a deck dude at Lowes, it ended up becoming quiet the project:

DSC_0910 DSC_0901



Having Evan around is very fun, he wants to help with everything and is quiet fond of the rollers… I decided to keep him busy by running around with him while daddy did some sanding and I took a few fun pictures of pretty things in my yard:

DSC_0908 DSC_0907 DSC_0913


I had to use this blurry picture because it is perfect – this is my Evan <3.

Eventually he crashed:


My peaceful sweetie.  I then joined Hector once again for our massive project:





Dusty-Husband down:


We are actually still at it hahaha – But with a lack of tools (next time electric sander?) I was pretty uselss part of the time so I raked:


I enjoyed it because the leaves are dry and easily picked up and REALLY PRETTY!

Then back to some rolling for me:



So our day has been busy!  But beautifully busy because TODAY WAS GORGEOUS OUT!! It was nice hanging outside getting some fresh air.  The night is winding down, and Hector is literally rolling on the last square foot. This has definitely been an all day project…



I’m so tired, but going to cook dinner, do a load of laundry and take Oso and fam for a nice walk.

Hope you had a fantastic start to your week.






Weekend Warriors

Yesterday, was quite possibly my favorite day so far this year as far as weather is concerned. It is pretty awesome how the warm breeze and sunshine can instantly make you grateful for all that’s around you.  It was a great way to end the week.  I left work, ran home to my favorite dudes and we had an early Mother’s Day dinner with my Mother in Law and my brother and sister-in-law.  I’ve known these people for such a huge part of my life, it is nice to catch up and chat over food haha.

Before we left the house I was in awe of how quickly our gardens went from not happy to green and flowering so I snapped a few pictures.  Our backyard is turning into the magical wonderland I was dreaming about all winter.  We must have 5 different kinds of Daffodils in our garden.  They are so beautiful AND double what they were last year which leads me to my next big idea…



I want to be a bigger gardener this year.  Cultivate this hobby, if you will.  We have some plans to create a raised garden to share with Evan the magic of fresh berries, greens, veggies and herbs from our own garden this year.  I think it will be a great learning experience for us all.  We don’t have a large garden but I think we have the perfect super sunlit place to create a fresh garden that we can expand on every year.  We MAY try to tackle this this weekend because my hubby has some time off. yay!!!  There is something therapeutic about being in the garden and I love that with some TLC you can see some amazing results.


We are getting a lot of work done around the house, or at least getting prices so we can fix some things that we really wanted to improve/replace.  Including a fence to protect Oso and little Evan.  I think it is going to be gorgeous addition to our home and can’t wait for it to go up.  *fingers crossed* we get a better quote from a very high rated place I’ve found.

Owning our home has definitely made us weekend warriors when we are home together.  We are always tackling something home related it seems, but the rewards are great and we are filling our lives with so many memories.  It is a really great time in our lives and I’ve been working towards writing down all the wonderful things that are happening around us because it is easy to let the negative things slide in and take too much of your energy away from what matters:  love, family, health (oh and my garden, haha).  Can’t wait to show you blooming pictures of our magical tree in the backyard!!! It will likely bloom today or tomorrow a perfect Mother’s Day gift you can see the start of the beautiful flowers:


With that we are off to a doctor’s appointment and maybe brunch.  Followed by shopping… Seems like trips to Home Depot and Menards are a weekly occurrence 😉





Little Man Update – 1.5 Years *GASP*

My how time flies.  I know I say that every time I blog, but NOTHING could be more true.  Honestly before I know it WEEKS have gone by.

When Evan was first born we would count his weeks “Oh he is 5 weeks old” that turned into months “He is 4.5 months” which has now turned to half years “He is one and a half” *sobs*

He has grown so much and continues to blow me away with his knowledge.  He is full on bilingual.  He knows more Spanish and can go back and forth better then Hector can 🙂  It blows me away!  Typically we ask “More?” and he will say “mas, si” haha or we will say “Say thank you” and he will say “gracias” yesterday he did another phrase and I remember being so blown away because I just am so proud.   I’ve of course forgotten it, but will have to wrack my brain because it was a good one!!  He knows his first swear word in Spanish and I laugh so hard when he says it that I’m sure he will continue to say it more and more. Evan sings the birthday song, old McDonald, and takes stabs at everything else.  He knows all his objects, hats, socks, food, water (agua), toys, car, ipad, tv, shoes, boots (yep knows the difference), bed, bath, oso…. etc really the list is endless.  He knows people!  Points and everything Colie, Gamma (or Debbie!), Abue, Hector, Daddie, Josh (Tio, Tio, Tio), Naci (Nancy), JOE!, Joey, and of course Mama… haha ❤  He is perfection.  He speaks in phrases, says everything in context and is just amazing.  Really how did I get so lucky?

As much as I loved squishy baby phase, I must say this independent toddler phase is a blast.  He is just so curious and funny and I love watching his personality.  I honestly just stare at him sometimes as if I cannot believe he is real, I cannot imagine my life without him and there is nowhere I’d rather be then with him.  I love how he laughs, and how boyish he is.  He is a little dare devil!  I want to soak up as much of it as I can! He makes me so happy, and proud (did I say that already?).

We had his 18 month checkup and it of course went very well (he needs a haircut, I know but I can’t bring myself to do it):

IMG_3892 IMG_3897


27lbs 1oz (90th percentile for weight) 34.5 inches tall (98th percentile for height) – He is perfectly proportioned but definitely a big guy, and very strong.

Must be all the green drinks 😉

IMG_3889 IMG_3890

He is a great eater – not picky at all and has almost all his teeth, definitely a full mouth.

I’ve already started thinking about his 2nd birthday party (when I’ve yet to blog about his first one!  Which I will because it was AMAZING!):DSC_0054

I’m thinking paper airplanes or nautical themed.  We shall see… I went a little crazy last year and hope to scale back haha:

123 12 1


Scary that I’m opening my brain to that once again.  We should probably just go on vacation instead 🙂 lol.

I am so over the moon with my little guy.  Happy Half Birthday To You:



(thanks for still cuddling ❤ )


Visions, Sugarplums and Garland OH MY!

Happy Holidays, friends!  I hope everyone had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I know we did!  Lots of love, cookies, celebrating and wrapping paper – all last minute of course!


IMG_3445 IMG_3443



Evan was a BLAST this year for Christmas.  Everything was “Wow” and “eeeee” when he was opening his gifts.  So much different from our sweet itty 6 month old last year:DSC_1006

Both perfection, in their own special way.  I feel so blessed.  – My wonderful husband let me go to a holiday yoga class at our local CorePower studio.  It was the perfect end to an amazing morning.  It was warm, filled with great energy and a great instructor – there isn’t anything else I could have asked for.

We spent the rest of the holiday with lots of family, ate too many cookies and enjoyed my mom’s awesome spread!  Cannolis, shrimpies, crab dip, Polish goodies – the works.


We also went light hunting.  We LOVE Christmas lights and were able to see some really sweet displays in our neighborhood:

IMG_3482 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3458

Finally, we cuddled with our sweet little dude.  He was so amazing, as always.  I am blown away by him, everyday.  The perfect gift to our family ❤

IMG_3475 IMG_3474

Hope your Christmas was amazing!  Back later with a New Years post! ❤



Winter Prep & a super late Halloween/Oct Recap (pretty much in pictures)

Yep, it has happened.  Chicago’s first snow dusting:

DSC_0858 DSC_0869


It is premature in my book, but totally typical of Chicago.  In our city, you cannot even begin to predict what is going to happen weather-wise.  This was taken almost two weeks ago and the following weekend we had 60 degree weather followed by severe thunder storms, go figure 😉  I feel lucky that we get to experience all the different seasons around here, but I don’t think I’d be too sad if I moved somewhere warm and sunny all the time.  My mood seems tied to the weather… But still – it makes me nuts that we were JUST enjoying warm/fallish weather and now I’m scrambling to get Evan some weather appropriate clothes:

DSC_0824 DSC_0821 DSC_0846 DSC_0775 DSC_0784

Anywho, the snow has put me into wintertime mode.  Hot chocolate, throw blankets, and pulling out/buying new Christmas decorations:

trees etree


Tar-jey is so dangerous… They had the CUTEST owl/vintage-y ornaments so naturally I had to make Evan his own mini tree above…  But really how cute are these:



Target also has holiday scents out.  One of my favorite products had “Pine” scent so I snagged those too:

Love the pine scents... seriously obsessed
Love the pine scents… seriously obsessed


Time still seems to fly by at hyper speed.  I realized I’ve never blogged about Evan’s first birthday – which I still will.  I put in a TON of work for it and made decor that I’d love to share – so when I find the pictures I’ll blog about it 4 months late.  I’ve also not blogged about Halloween even though it did happen and our mini werewolf (of course the costume we LOVED he hated, so pictures in it were nearly impossible) hung out with his bff Jonathan:

halloween recp1 halloween recp

856857_542981855112_1140881000_o 1378636_542556377772_1334718688_n 1403363_542980921982_578166463_o 1405012_542980951922_586106962_o 1410779_542981465892_1636764769_o 1415462_542981550722_1716105142_o 1425331_542981081662_1617711229_oLife lately really isn’t anything short of amazing.  Evan is awesome, Hector is sweet as always and Oso is the best big bro a mom could ask for.

Like I said, with winter on the way we are scrambling to get out decor and set up our casa with holiday cheer the first holiday season we are spending here.

Thanks for taking the ride with us!


On. The. Go.

Life has really been exactly the way it should be: completely nutzo but in the best way possible.  I mean I get to come home to this:

IMG_1828 IMG_1829My main men and well… Evan’s wild mane that I couldn’t love any more than I do.  He is still the light of our lives. ❤

The past week has been extremely busy.  Work, play, bed. That has been the routine and the weather is definitely changing.  I find myself layering and it reminds me a of a few things: well FALL of coure, new wardrobe, shopping and birthdays.

followed by a meltdown
followed by a meltdown
New lulu from the hubby! <3
New lulu from the hubby! ❤
I'm still not feeling the best, so don't mind my disheveled look lo;
I’m still not feeling the best, so don’t mind my disheveled look 

(some love from last year) –

THis year I have a very different life.  New job, new home, new loves, a new happy grateful outlook on my life… Everything feels like it is right where it should be.

Today my life consisted of a run, a cuddle date, a coffee date, a swim date, a yoga date and a dinner date with two of the best parents in the world:

IMG_1850 IMG_1856 IMG_1859 IMG_1865 IMG_1866

Yoga with Lou was nothing short of amazing.  I really wanted to go to C2 because I wanted more of a workout but Hot Power Fusion hit the spot.  I focused on my intention (being more confident) and hit everything.  I also went on a very short run this morning and Evan clinged to me like no other in his freezing swim class.  We both walked out of there with purple lips and chattering teeth.

Also, how much am I loving my swiftly (above) and my practice freely tank?  Love. Them.

IMG_1582 IMG_1584 IMG_1585Family walks when I force Hector out of the house are a lot of fun too.  I mean look at these sunsets that are beautiful pictures that do not even SCRATCH the surface of just how amazing they really were.

IMG_1722 IMG_1831 IMG_1842


I’m literally falling asleep writing this but just wanted to update on a few positive things. Synopsis:

  • Momma, yoga/run time
  • love
  • beautiful sunsets
  • life
  • Evan
  • Hector
  • Friends
  • Green tea



Run Intentions and Fails

Happy Sunday!  Yesterday flew by!  I was up and at it pretty early [I always am] but missed my morning run and said to myself “no worries I have a day full of running around, Sunday will be better”.  So yesterday we had walk time, pool time, shop time and cuddle time:

IMG_1776Well that wasn’t in order but I love cuddle time with Evan.  It is not the rarest thing, I have such a lovey baby but it really never gets old and I love that he still finds such comfort in my arms.

But it was swim day two with my nugget.  He skipped his morning nap, fell asleep on the way to the gym and I was quiet frightened that he might be a bit unhappy about pool time; but, alas he was happy as a clam… How did I get so lucky?

IMG_1764 IMG_1774 IMG_1762 IMG_1769


I took his swim shirt this week because I remember him with purple lips last week, but his lips were just as purple this week if not faster than last week.  He still is so fun; but I’m not sure I love the instructor I really liked the “sub” last week.

Hector, Evan and I also went on a short walk to our favorite nearby mom and pop owned health food store, Larabee Herbs:

IMG_1756 IMG_1758 IMG_1754 IMG_1753We browsed the aisles like we always do.  I love the herby (word?) smell of the place I almost feel healthier just stepping through the threshold.  The owners are almost always there, they are so friendly and so knowledgeable.  I just popped in for a Kombucha this time around but I always feel like I want to roll out my yoga mat and do some flows or meditate when I walk in there.  Funny thing?  I bet it would be welcomed! haha.  My family has been a frequenter of the store for many many years and I love chatting with the people there they have one mission: to make people healthier and happier. ❤

We also made a trip to Costco and picked up a few things including adorable alien organic cotton pjs for Evan. Evan isn’t a fan of carts but still loves his Ergo and Moby; so yesterday I stuck him in the Ergo as we happily browsed Costco:

IMG_1781 IMG_1779By the time I got home after Costco, it was time for dinner and sleepy time!  The weather was amazing and I wanted to take Evan for a walk but he was done with the Ergo and I discovered a flat on the BOB *Sigh* so we snuggled and watched terrible television.

Fast forward to today!  I was up early prepping for my run.  It was quarter to 6 and I heard the little man stirring.  Hector went out last night to watch the fight so he got home late and I knew he would sleep through Evan’s cries so I grabbed my little morning ninja, brewed some coffee and tried to get my hubs to cuddle with Evan or get up and play so I could go on my run.  45 minutes later Evan was finally happy and content with sleepy daddy and BOOM I let out the dog and downpour… So here I sit waiting for  the rain to end so I can go on my run and all my boys are sleeping in a triangle pattern around me as I sit and type this blog.  We have ventured into the living room and I have Oso on his pillow to my left, Hector in the love-seat to my right and Evan smack in my arms all sleeping peacefully…  The sounds around me are the rain hitting the grass/pavement outside, Evan and Hector’s breathing and Oso’s puppy dreams.

One thing you learn to do as a parent is live on other people’s time tables.  So yes, I am behind and didn’t get my run in BUT I did get a blog in and some more camera research.  I also have been able to enjoy my loaded coffee (it is leaded, so strong!).

Meanwhile, I’m off to make some lists to email to myself because this day has not started off as productive as I would have liked, but that is ok the day is still fairly young. ❤

One more post swim picture from yesterday with Mr. Purple Lips himself.
One more post swim picture from yesterday with Mr. Purple Lips himself.

What are your Sunday plans?!