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November 5, 2014 – Arrival of Mr. Michael Alexander

So I started writing this the morning of – and am just getting around to finishing it up!

Good morning/noon/night – from November 5th, 2014.

This  morning started off early.  Me tossing and turning in bed, the impending “induction time” quickly approaching. I remember telling a friend on Facebook “Happy [half hour before your] Birthday” at around 11:25p.m. and then shutting down.  I had been on my Amazon app seeing if there was any last minute items I wanted to order – anything that the baby needs, I need, Evan needs.  I also text messaged my mom – something along the lines, “Hector is snoring, that is so unfair” – lol.

I woke up around 2:30, went to the bathroom, woke up around 4, 5 and finally rolled out of bed about 5:20.  I had showered the night before so I just did a normal get ready routine, ate a banana and thought to myself “I hope they consider this a light breakfast” – clearly I know better but also clearly, I don’t have too much of an appetite and I haven’t gone shopping – shame. on. me. (reminds me I should probably make someone a list to grab a few things for us lol).  Evan is still peacefully sleeping and I cannot help but stare at his perfect little face.  We cuddled all night long, our last night at home as a family of 3.


I’d nudged Hector about 100x asking him to get up.  Hector isn’t the most prompt person on the planet.  Makes me nuts.  But finally he got up, got dressed and we waited for Grandma Debbie.  She decided to stop by and hang with Evan while he was sleeping so we didn’t have to wake him up, get him dressed and get a crabby 2 year old in the car.  Grandma Debbie rules. Before I knew it I was scrambling to make sure we had everything we needed.  And we were off.  This whole time I had some cramping and light spotting (like every morning for the past two weeks).  I didn’t think anything of it and didn’t tell anyone about it because of all my “false alarms” – I even deleted the contraction app I downloaded and I’m so glad I didn’t upgrade it.  I remember being in the car so annoyed because I felt like we were going to be really late.  How come I didn’t account for traffic on Wednesday morning?  While on the expressway I was still noticing contractions.  Nothing crazy, just a bit painful.  We finally arrived at the hospital. As Hector looked for parking, somehow annoying me – I just wanted to get upstairs as we were already late.

The nice thing about our hospital is it is so laid back, Hector and I bantered back and forth, as we always do and I was walking with my heavy bag (naturally) and walking through contractions.  We get up stairs and admitted walked in around 7:10 (10 minutes late).  They inform me of the usual, have me sign a couple of forms, and walk us to room 5, the same room I delivered Evan in!  We walked in and were greeted by two nurses:


Our head nurse was Dawn, a sweet lady who had clearly been there a while.  And Ivette, who was doing a rotation on the floor and was clearly new.  So Dawn (same nurse that admitted me with Evan!) was talking her through everything she was doing and having her perform everything (IV, blood, etc.) – at first I was slightly annoyed that there was a student but she was so sweet that quickly faded.  Both nurses were great. I informed them I was having contractions that morning and they saw them clearly on the monitor.  Ivette had never seen a birth from start to finish as babies were highly unpredictable so she had saw bits and pieces but was hoping for a beginning to end experience, so she pretty much begged me to have the baby before 7 p.m., and I told her “that’s the plan!” (I couldn’t imagine having to be in labor for 10+ hours but knew with an induction that could be very possible outcome). Even with my regular contractions they still set it up as an induction so I was given a very small dose of pitocin because they knew from my appointment on Monday, that I was already 3.5CM dilated and likely further a long as I was getting regular contractions (I scoffed at this…lol).  After all the admin stuff and IVs it was about 8 a.m. and Dr. San Juan walked in to check me.  He told us “she is 4+ and ‘very breakable'” – so he broke my water and said that would speed things up.  He also said I could have an epidural if I wanted one – to which I quickly replied – Yep! please. I knew if my friends Nicole and Joanna said that around 8cm it is unbearable pain, I’d rather not get there… lol.  Dr. San Juan noticed how low my pit. drip was and said to the nurse “up it every 15 minutes” – Dawn said “honey, I won’t do that to you until you have the epidural, these doctors.” – Clearly I appreciated this, she was hoping I didn’t have to be in crazy pain if I didn’t have to be.   PS with Evan, when they broke my water I didn’t feel anything, this time super gross as I felt gushes at every contraction lol.



So it was now about 8:40, my nurses had given me fluids but also came in and said that there was a c-section planned at 9 a.m. and that I’d likely have to wait for the epidural because the doctor on call would have to be there for the c-section.  She then checked my contractions and they were super close together (I clearly noticed this) – I could handle that if they would get me up and let me move around but sitting in bed wasn’t pleasant and they were getting stronger and closer together really really quickly.  10 minutes later she walked in and said that she was going to see if the anestesologist  could come in before the c-section because she thought it might be too late to get it if I had to wait much longer.  Nurse DAWN  to the rescue! lol  Shortly after Dr. Whitcom popped in and administered the epidural.  He was fantastic and Hector got to hold me <3.  I also noticed that JUST LIKE Evan, as I sat there, contractions REALLY hurt.  The 60 seconds of rest were nice and I felt good but then a really good contraction would set in and I found it hard to sit still. So just like Evan I was getting the Epi just in time.  So by 9:30 the epidural was done.  The relief you feel is so strange and I sat there while he monitored all the vitals for about 15 minutes, I felt really relaxed, almost too relaxed.  I just breathed through it, something about going through this the second time – I knew this was temporary uncomfortableness that would pass – and it did.  The doctor told me about getting more with the help of a fancy button, that just like Evan – I never had to press and told the nurse NOT to press for me lol.   Dawn had set up to go to that before mentioned c-section and that left me with nurse Ivette, for some reason that section kept getting pushed (can you imagine being that mom?) – I remember nurse Ivette walking in looking slightly nervous sorta like “wait, don’t have this baby YET!” lol  – I was perfectly comfortable paying attention to my guests (my mom dad and Evan had walked in JUST after the epidural).


Things progressed so quickly after the epidural.  Nurse Dawn came in asking me if I felt pressure around 10:15 and said she was going to check me because at every contraction the baby was saying “my head is being squished” and because of the Epi I didn’t mind lol.  So Her and Ivette took turns and Ivette said I would say she is about 8, nurse Dawn corrected and said 7-8 and here is why – I felt like I was learning with Ivette, haha. I couldn’t believe that from 8-10:20 I had gone from 4 to 7-8 and she turned down my pitocin.  The nurses left quickly again, I chatted with my parents and Hector and 20 minutes later my nurses walked in asking if I was feeling pressure because she was noticing the pattern of my contractions and his slowed heart were more frequent.  So at 10:39 (Hector took notes for me!) I was 8-9 almost complete with just a small lip/GAP left.  Nurse Ivette kept telling me – wow the baby is right there! Like right there!  Nurse Dawn never did make it to the c-section haha.  They called Dr. San Juan and asked my parents to leave – and we were going to try a test push to see where my numbness was (as I hadn’t gotten the epi too long before this).  Everyone was really surprised at how quickly this all went. I didn’t even feel like I had been there an hour.  Dr. San Juan walked in around 11:15 a.m. and really quickly got dressed, moved the bottom of the bed and they basically said he’d be here soon.  After two big pushes and a few smaller ones (Dr. San Juan asked for smaller ones), Mr. Michael was on my chest at 11:32 a.m. just 4ish hours after WALKING into the hospital and 3ish hours after being hooked up to IVs and such.

IMG_7315 IMG_7504

Michael Alexander – Born 11:32 a.m. 7 lbs 10 oz 19 inches – 7/5/2014

I told them I wanted plenty of skin to skin time so baby was put immediately on my chest and I just held him for about an hour, he nursed and it was perfection as Dr. San Juan stitched me up – got a 2nd degree tear because just like his bro he came out with a fist in his face (I wonder how common this is!).  I remember feeling overwhelmed with emotion.  The nice thing about this time around was they didn’t rush me out of the room like with Evan.  They left Hector, baby and I pretty much alone (short check ins) to bond with the new baby.  Hector even got a bit emotional – out of nowhere it was a surreal moment.  Super special.

Then Nicole, Mom, Dad and big brother Evan came to visit:


I gave baby to daddy and co. for a short time so that moment could happen. It was so perfect to watch.  My sister snapped a couple sweet pictures of the newbie and us:

IMG_7338 IMG_7341

It was a perfect morning.  Followed by a beautiful afternoon with the newest member of our family.  Nurse Ivette was so happy she got her start to finish “perfect” birth – and I felt overwhelmed that I had such a wonderful experience once again.  I’ve been so lucky. Even though I’ve had to wait until 41 weeks with both my boys, the induction experiences for me have been flawless. Maybe I shouldn’t chance it a 3rd time. lol

They slowly moved us to our postpartum room with a view.

IMG_7354 IMG_7349



My crazy prompt parents sent flowers (sunflowers remind us of Grandma who we miss dearly <3) and brought beautiful balloons:



Where we cuddled and admired, perfect baby feet, new relationships and my sweet baby Michael A.:

IMG_7358 IMG_7360 IMG_7362 IMG_7365 IMG_7368 IMG_7378


Our beautiful new baby boy.  It was a quiet night – Auntie Joanna came by, my parents came back with some dinner and then we were all alone for a night of skin to skin, lots of snoring (Hector), no sleep (for me, I hate hospitals), and LOTS of cramping and “bottom” soreness. lol  I did make my request quiet clear – I wanted out ASAP – and they obliged as long as everyone looked good – and we did.  So 24 hours later we were setting up to get home:


I wanted to see Evan SO BAD.  I missed him so much – what felt like forever… We were finally on our way.

Here is the reaction when I saw Evan:


I kid you not, tears in my eyes. He looked so huge, but was so happy to see us ❤

IMG_7410 IMG_7508


We visited shortly with grandma and grandpa, and then they left us.  Oso behaved beautifully and after all the excitement – we all settled down to cuddle in bed:


I got some more skin to skin time with my little:


Look how hairy!! ❤

So there it is the story of our newest addition. ❤

Love the VILLAS! (Baby stirring Evan about to watch Fire & Rescue) – My life is so sweet right now.



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