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What I’m Looking Forward To

After my previous EMO post, I thought I’d share some things I’m looking forward to post pregnancy (because it WILL end ha):

  • Bending over.  I am a yogi, I’m flexible, I touch  my toes, stretch and do all that good spine stuff that is just so difficult to do with a huge basketball in your belly.
  • Comfortably picking up Evan.  Right now I pick him up and settle his legs on each side of my massive bump.  Yes even a day shy of 41 weeks – I still pick him up approximately 50x a day, he will always be my baby.
  • Laying on my tummy – whether it is to look for something under a bed or just to do one of those face plants into my bed – sleeping on my belly (will be rare still with breastfeeding but even for just 5 minutes lol). I’m also looking forward to my baby cobra pose and other back strengthening poses – my upper, lower, middle – whole back is ready to not have the front so much to deal with – the boobs will be hard enough.
  • Milk drunk baby – I love the look of a freshly fed baby.  They are literally in a coma-like state that is so awesome.
  • Cuddles with three boys.  I’m sure nighttime will be filled with a bed full of boys.  Evan to my right, baby on my chest and Hector wayyyyy off on the other side of the bed.  I have been daydreaming about these moments. Babies are only itty bitty for a short time.
  • Pulling out the Moby.
  • Breathing – with ease.
  • Hardcore ab workouts – laying or standing wherever/however I want.
  • Not feeling sick when I eat, when I don’t eat, when I eat too little, when I eat too much.
  • No more contractions.  I’ve now been having contractions for approximately two weeks – I’m over them.
  • Being a mom to two boys and spending the holidays with them.  Sure we missed Halloween but that’s OK this Halloween was sorta grim.  I’m looking forward to Santa photo ops & impromptu photo shoots with my broken camera (yes, still haven’t bought a new one… It WILL happen though. It will.)

Today was a day filled with work, some admin house stuff, and time to myself.  Evan went to the museum with his Auntie Colie, and he just is such a big boy.  I’ve had a hard time processing that.  Yesterday Hector called and literally had a conversation with him.  He is just such a little boy, no longer my little baby.  He cuddled in my arms today and I just melted.  I’ll have to update this post with pictures (I downloaded Yosemite today and am updating iPhoto now) because my heart is just so filled because of him.  He is so sweet and loving.  He is funny and smart. He is demanding and kind. He is everything.  One thing I’m trying not to mourn is our time together just him and I because I think becoming a brother will complete our family.  He will gain a built in friend and learn valuable life lessons – they will, together.  I feel so blessed that Evan is my first, he has been an amazing experience so far.  He makes me feel so confident about having another.  He is just amazing.

I’m also looking forward to the next 12 weeks bonding with my family.  Building our relationships and cuddling and spending hours and hours together.  I just want to hug and love everyone right now.  The end of this pregnancy is near, and there will be a shift in our family adventure.  We are all as prepared as can be for it.  I cannot wait to share the love with everyone.  I haven’t felt this calm in a while.  I had a mini meltdown today when leaving my moms house – I was overwhelmed for some reason – so much going through my head.  Evan is now sleeping peacefully next to me, I am going to cuddle him close to me all night praying I can sleep as tomorrow is the day, I will walk into a hospital and we will walk out a family of 4.

I just keep telling myself we are ready, because we are.  I hear my heart will double – it will make room.  At this moment, not sure how that is possible but I will report back.  Thank you for following our journey – especially the rambling and emotional posts – the posts where I share a little too much. 😉


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