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Site Revamp

Well not so much a site revamp, more like making this site more of what it is.  It is still the fit wife a lovable lifestyle!  But it truly is so much more, now that I have a family really truly cherish the wellbeing of our [not so] little family.  Along the lines of my big hairy audacious goal of owning a thriving family wellness center one day my blog is going to really center on wellness.  Lucky for me fitness is a major contributor to wellness. Yoga, running and meditation are going to keep me sane as a take on my greatest challenge and gift: being a mom to the future.  I told Evan today he could be the President.  I won’t push him in any sort of direction but I will encourage him to be the best he can be, bonus points for making other people happy, the environment healthy & of course the country, hell the world a better place.

One of the things I think about a lot is how the environment around me will affect my children.  How my attitude, my drive (or lack of drive!), my bad moments, my awesome moments – they contribute to the environment where I raise my children and where I create the  most important relationships.  I get a lot of “Jen your house will always be a mess” or “just relax” – and I feel like telling people “don’t you think I’d love to not get anxious around a mess?  Don’t you think I wish I could RELAX?  Relax? that sounds freaking ah-mazing.” No. Seriously.  I’m probably as naturally high strung as they come.  So here I’ll write about some awesome things that help me, some terrible things that don’t and I promise the boys will end up making guest appearances.

Part of my site revamp will be slow, today I asked Hector to turn the camera around for me.  I set it up as best I could so he could just snap and we could go.  Pictures are everything to me, I love taking them, editing them and sometimes I like to be in them.  We’ve let the awesome habits fall short due to time, but in the end I go back to my roots – and I want my kids to know that too.  You can have it all and you can have fun on gloomy days, even when your momma keeps asking for kisses:


We kiss and hug a lot in this household.  Love. is. everything. and so is this:


Stay tuned friends!  Go run in the rain, you’ll feel like a badass. 😉 – Spaghetti squash is roasting, I know MAV won’t know the diff but let’s see if I can trick POTUS 2050.


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