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The Just Because Post

Well, life. Fuck? AmIright?

Please do not excuse the swearing. We are in legit unreal times and I am certainly going to type in the manner in which I speak. Ask all friends, it’s riddled with swear words. Anywho. how are you? I hope as good as can be. I do what to give you my ‘just because post.’ It is random, it is appropriate and it is this:

We are alive. We are grateful for our home, our health and our family;

We are confused. What day is it? I mean, it’s Sunday of course, I know because I work tomorrow. We are snuggling, we are social-distancing and we are trying hard not to read/watch the news. We however, do allow lego books, especially as chew toys because I mean, little teeth:

We are 8 months, we are getting some big boy top teeth and we are obsessed:

We are also trying to keep some sort of norm. Lots of family snuggles, lots of family laughs, too much screen time and lots of Peloton time. Lots of meltdowns, lots of let downs, lots of thinking. Thinking runs from, we are good to we are fucked. We are happy to we are depressed… it’s fine, we are all fine. Truly we are. We miss our family. We sing for our heroes and we have subscribed to Instant Cart. We tip well, we scrub hands often and we are doing the best we can.

I bought a new SD card, because although I have some time, I didn’t want to spend it reformatting SD cards.

I tipped that driver well too.

I hope you are surviving. If you are thriving, good on you. But we just want people to survive.

Love from afar,


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