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Born to be…

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  For the past few months I really have just been over the moon about so many things in my life.  I feel so blessed and happy… Like everything is right where it should be.


And I owe so much of it to my little man above.  Evan so quickly puts things into perspective for me.  I’m over the moon about my little family and know now this is what I was born to be.  Exactly where I am is where I should be.  I work hard, I play hard, I love hard and my surroundings reflect that.  Sure, it is hard to fit everything in… My weekend schedule is dictated by the little man pictured above; but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I look forward to growing our family someday.  I look back on how I felt about my pregnancy and wish I would have lived it up a bit more; took more pictures… wrote more notes, gave myself a pat on the back for taking such great care of my body for him.


I feel so in tune with things around me lately.  I feel like life throws you curve balls; and that is ok – you learn from these things.  You learn from the times where you are screaming and crying over spilt milk (well when you are a nursing mom you do cry over this, it is that serious…) – when you read stories about REAL life issues; sick parents; sick children.. Sure people’s pain is relative but I can’t help but look at my life and think, “man, I am blessed… I have a healthy happy family. I have food on the table, a roof over my head and clothes on my back” – Evan has a loving family and friends.  He is surrounded everyday by and a mother, father and a fur-sibling who love him to pieces:

Untitled2Last night hector and I enjoyed a quiet night on our porch while Evan ran back and forth saying “Meow, MAMAMAMAMAMA, shhhhhh, Meow… ” I couldn’t help but look at Hector and smile; we did this.


Yeah I don’t have the freedom to just up and leave, I cannot just stay out all night at a bar – or go on a run whenever I feel like it.  Sure I’m guilty of snuggling instead of heading to a yoga class…
But it is ALL. WORTH. IT.

Because I was born to be a mother… I was born to be a career woman… I was born to be a runner on hiatus from time to time and a yogi obsessed with lululemon.

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