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Well, I didn’t warn anyone but it is pretty obvious I was on a blogging hiatus.  Not really because I have nothing to write – because I do.  Not because I’m burnt out – because I definitely am not. I guess it is just one of those just because things that sorta happened.

But life has been good!   Just so busy with my little ONE year old:

IMG_1261and work and Evan some more:



Facetime halfway through a run haha – What can I say I miss him!  Speaking of running, boy am I out of shape!  It was another thing I took a hiatus from and boy do I feel it.  I’ve just started lacing up the shoes again and I feel sad that I’m so out of shape but happy that I’m slowly finding the time to hit the pavement again.  Typically I’d be in great running shape right now preparing for races; but time just flies…

IMG_1313 IMG_1315


fitting in everything has been the challenge of my life.  Work, fitness, life, baby, house… It has been NUTS but in the best way possible.  I feel more and more centered each day (thank you yoga & heavy objects)…

I really really can’t wait to share pictures from Evan’s special day (almost a MONTH ago! See what I mean!  Where does time go!?

completely unrelated how beautiful was yesterday’s sunset?  Such a perfect day.



This weekend will be just as nuts, per the usual.  But hopefully will update on things we are loving!


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