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The New Normal.

My new normal:

Weekdays that start at 5 a.m.

Trains before 7 a.m.



Hoping I can make it to the store once a week for fresh goods:

whole foods


The more color the better…

Dealing with a baby that is getting all his teeth growing out of the way ❤


6 coming in at the same time… 4 on top, 2 more on the bottom.  20lbs 14.5oz & 29.25 inches of awesomeness right there ❤

Great strides to keep new plants alive:




I debate on a cleaning lady daily for our home… if only so I can spend more time with my baby, at the gym… at a yoga class… with friends. (making it to get my eyebrows done!)



But my want to buy things for my little dude wins out…

Speaking of shopping 90% of it is done online these days… Because I can’t seem to find the time to do it on my weekends off…



Probably because I just want to hang with ^^^ him and spend time with family, friends and my fitness lol *sigh*

So basically my new normal is trying to figure out… everything.

Any ideas on how to streamline!? Lol I’m just going to ask God to add more hours to the day.

Happy Saturday!


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