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Loving me

I have learned to so much this year, it is truly incredible.  You think the things you learn in college will translate to the real world but all of the text books, notes, lectures and late night-last minute study sessions could not have prepared me for real life.


I remember being in High School thinking I knew it all.  Turning 21 and thinking “I am so grown up” – Ha. These past 5 years after 21 have been so incredibly packed with learning experiences .. I was just a baby at 21, and now (hindsight being 20/20 of course) I know I grew up too fast… But that is my personality and I would not change anything, all of my choices led me to where I am today, and for that I could not be more grateful.  Some did not see it but I was born to be a mother, sure he surprised us but nothing puts your life into full speed crazy perspective then having a child.


He has saved my life in certain respects.  Each day is brighter because he is in it.  So many people told me “life will be over” when you have a child… Yet I feel like the opposite has happened to me.  Sure, I can’t just jet out of the house to a yoga class or take a random trip to Europe (we have to get him a passport first! duh!) – but those trade-offs are so worth it to me – that and I’m a lucky girl who has a CRAZY support group behind me.

Lately I have had such issues with time management (I think that has been an apparent theme in my blog 😉 ) but that is what happens when you own a house, have a baby and start a new job with longer hours.  I feel like the past few months have been crazy challenging and have really pushed me to continue to nourish my strengths and learn to build healthy mindsets, healthy relationships, bond with my son, and try to be a better friend and wife.  I want to thank the friends that have stood by me through this transition because I finally see the light… it has been a rough couple of months.

This month of May is going to be a great one, I’m getting my groove back one new lululemon top at a time:


I’m challenging myself to focus on renewal.  I’m going to stress less, yoga it out more and really start getting mileage in.   I have found that I make excuses for skipping workouts:  Evan’s teeth, Hector’s hours, my exhaustion ..  Yet the common theme is if I don’t get them in I’m miserable.

I’m also taking on a 30 day smoothie challenge and have ROCKED days 1-3 so far (today is day 4, and I’m thinking after workout smoothie):


I must say, and this might be counter-intuitive  but ever since I had Evan, I appreciate my body so much more.  It has done AMAZING things, and really held up and even when I eat pizza and add mayo – it holds up. 😉  It is still giving Evan a MAJOR part of his diet, and it is still keeping me moving.  So this month I’m going to focus on chiseling in some of the finer lines and cleaning up my eats a bit more and cutting back on the sugars! I have no idea where the need for sugar is coming from, I bet something is lacking from my diet or because I’m always tired I crave the sugar rush? Either way – that is one of my major goals this month!

Today is going to be nutzo just like any other day – Gym, shopping (TJs, Costco, the norm), desert making for a bests baby shower (ha, less sugar but lets cover oreos in chocolate 😉 ) – and some cuddle time with that little man that lights up my life.

Any plans?!


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