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A big bash.

Evan turned 9 months on Sunday.  I’m so in shock over this.  I still cannot believe my itty baby is not so itty bitty anymore:



So my focus is shifted ahead for once… Focusing on him being older then he is at this very moment.  I like to believe he is younger then he is because it is hard for me to process how fast time is flying lol – But as I get used to calling him my 9 month old – I am also focusing on a huge milestone, his big FIRST BIRTHDAY!

*sigh* I know that with as busy as Hector and I are – I need to start now because before I know it I will be sending invites (likely late) & after my amazing baby shower, I know that I’ll need to put my thinking cap on and make a spectacular first birthday for my little man.  One great thing?  I have a location!  I’m 99% positive it will be at our house if not here… it will be at my mom’s house haha.

We have a small home, but because Evan’s Birthday is during the summer I’m confident it will be a fun in-side mostly out-side event & as far as themes (I’m not really a themey person) we might go with a little man theme:


This isn’t set in stone, because like I said before I am really not the themey type and I don’t know if I can pull it together but I think the idea is awesome (and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE COLORS above)… I just don’t know how to find the time to be creative.  I might buy a cricut just for this event… lol – My best friend did awesome decorations for my shower with it and I might follow suit.

beautiful banners

I might also go with a non-theme along the lines of two of my favorite bloggers here and here – they are so simple and veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy me.  Some balloons great colors and not really too themey – yeah totally me!  I even love the colors, so we shall see but the wheels in my head are definitely turning and I’m already on the lookout for lots of these:


I obviously will be going a dark blue, light blue, white, yellow, green route to be safe 😉

I’m also thinking about hiring a photographer.  One thing I regret most about my parenting experience so far is taking professional photographs.  We never did.  I did not do pregnancy professional shots (I should have) and I did not do newborn shots (I REALLY SHOULD HAVE) and I have not had any candid shots of his life yet so far (you can guess would should go in big bold letters here)… So if you have the $$, do it.  I do not think if you hire the right photog, you can go wrong.  Pictures last forever.

I am excited about decking out our backyard and garage and hanging with the people I love most and celebrating a year with the best thing that has ever happened to us:


Have any awesome party ideas?  What should we do for the big O-N-E, what should we skip?

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