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The Purge.

It is Spring. It is Spring.  I hope the more I say it the more I will feel it.  The weather here has been… way less then stellar but last week we sure had April Showers:


Roads are still flooded after tons and TONS of rain hit the midwest.  Luckily we only got a bit of water, I feel lucky because I know people had TONS of water inches, even a foot and we had some puddles but nothing devastating.


We have been dealing with a sick teething miserable baby lately, he is getting FOUR top teeth at the exact same time and has been battling a cold and fever.  So our sleep [well my sleep & his sleep] has been pretty non-existent.  But for some reason (likely the sun) I am feeling much more energized these days.  I’m feeling the need to clean up and organize.  It is super refreshing.  Hopefully the warm weather will follow this little guy’s lead and help my motivation to purge:

DSC_0597Ahh! We have FLOWERS and snow. haha.

So I’m in the mood to purge, I’m packing away Evan’s 3-6 month clothing *sobs* I have been putting it off because it is hard to let go of my little baby’s clothing.  I’m also purging a great deal of my clothing.  I almost threw out a pair of my size 0 jeans but decided to try them on and… THEY FIT! Snug, but they fit!  So I’ll be keeping those; but I’m getting rid of a lot of things because we have way too much and I figure if I need something, I should supplement with new things.

I have a good feeling about the future, all organized and beautfied and we will be getting vitamin D the way we were meant to -from a little bit of sunshine:

DSC_0223 DSC_0260 DSC_0317 DSC_0321


We were cleaning up the garage a bit, and are pretty excited about our new home. I’m also crazy excited for my BFF, she is getting a BEAUTIFUL new home and reminding me to follow my dreams of being a yoga instructor (Fall 2013 or Spring 2014, it is happening! **funds allowing lol) between her and my other best who is having a baby… making me slightly baby crazy!  I’m very excited about this summer!!!

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