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Yesterday was awesome.  I spent time with a dear friend of mine who is having a baby, I’m so excited.  I know this must be how my bff, Nicole must have felt when I was pregnant.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by the wonderful people I’m surrounding by.  I honestly have the most thoughtful, loving friends and I cannot imagine my life without them.

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I mention this because with my new job I have been evaluating the fact that my education did  matter (you need a degree for the job, my previous position was a learn as you go, no degree required position). However, I still feel that the most amazing part of my education was the people I met along the way.  I met Nicole and Joanna and all my other very close friends in school.  I realize now, more then ever, how important relationships are and how that the older you get and when you have children how your time becomes stretched so thin… You can barely make the time to cook dinner let alone plan girl time (which I realize needs to start taking a much higher priority, I miss my friends).  I also realize that these two wonderful ladies and I will always share something so special… Our boys.

In these early years of their lives (Jackson will be the oldest by a 1 year and 1/4ish, Evan will be older then the youngest by just shy of a year, but they all will be born within 2 1/2 years of each other) we will all be gushing about our loving boys, and we will be able to talk about their stages and what they are doing.  As they get older, we will be able to complain to each other about how they are becoming too independent .. We will be able to complain about their girlfriends and celebrate their achievements, we will be able to cry together about how fast they grow… It truly is such a blessing because no one understands until you have children the fierce love you have for them and I feel lucky to have shared so much with these ladies and look forward to those moments where we just understand where each other is coming from, I mean it is crazy, but deaths, graduations, engagements  weddings, first babies, jobs, teacher-training HUGE life events I have been able to share with them and even if we don’t see each other even monthly I know they love me just as fiercely as I love them.

Why the friend love?  Because I feel lucky.  I’ve been so sick the past month and a half with my rib injury and with this cough that I feel like I will have for the rest of my life, and through it I still get that message on fb or that text and it just feels good, I feel the love and sometimes I don’t think I can adequately express how much those couple sentences mean, or the simple text of “Hey I knew you would understand/appreciate this” even the “can you believe this?” messages make me happy because I know that even if I can’t respond right away they thought of me the way I think of them, a friend to talk to, to just get things off my chest to.

When you have a baby your world is taken over by them.  With all my new roles I feel like I’m finally starting to figure things out, and I don’t know if my friends realize how much they mean to me so a new goal of mine is going to be to reach out more, and it might be a slow go for now but it is a goal. ❤


Healthy relationships are so important, and it took me a long time to weed out toxic ones from my life, I still have difficulty with it – I want to stay friends with everyone but now with family and work and everything, I realize those toxic relationships really are not worth it.  The ones that are?  The ones I have, I hope all my friends know that I love them and feel so lucky to share their excitement, sadness, life events… ❤

Hug people, love people, take pictures and write notes. <<<< my few words of wisdom on this beautiful Sunday morning.

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