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OH -For the Things I Love

I started to write a post around my birthday discussing how I actually like aging.  Because I’m slowly learning more and more about myself. Likes, dislikes – things I should spend time on, thinks I shouldn’t – relationships I want to develop, relationships that I don’t –… Read More

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Life, Love, Grow

Hello world. So much has happened the past few months. Life is  if possible *gasp*even more busy and with all I have to share I’m sure you agree it is just going to become MORE busy.  As I shared in I think my last post,… Read More

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Yesterday was awesome.  I spent time with a dear friend of mine who is having a baby, I’m so excited.  I know this must be how my bff, Nicole must have felt when I was pregnant.  I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by… Read More

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My Deepest Fear

So now that life for us just seems to move full speed, everyday.  Once a day I try to center myself and meditate.  However, finding the time to take care of myself has become increasingly difficult.  I love my new job, but the hours are absolutely longer then my previous… Read More

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My Love

Today I’m just so grateful for this man: My husband. It has been exactly one year since we said those famous “I Dos” I have no doubt that this will be the first of many happy years of marriage. After all, he is my soul… Read More

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Wonderful Weekend, Sans Baby

This weekend was excellent.  It really was. I wrote about my Saturday and today didn’t disappoint either.  I knew it wouldn’t as I got to see and spend time with some of the most important people in my life. Everyone has been (and continues to… Read More