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Wonderful Weekend, Sans Baby

This weekend was excellent.  It really was. I wrote about my Saturday and today didn’t disappoint either.  I knew it wouldn’t as I got to see and spend time with some of the most important people in my life.

Everyone has been (and continues to be) very helpful and supportive of getting this little guy moving!  So I thought I’d share my day!

Whenever I have an appointment I can’t help but wake up crazy early.  Today I had an 11:00 (yes 11:00 a.m.) acupuncture appointment and I naturally woke up around 5:15 and really didn’t get much sleep between then and 7:00 a.m. when I got up and got moving.  My wonderful punctual husband got my  heart rate up really high before this appointment, but when we got there… It was heavenly.  I kid you not, even the smaller space of the office was calm, smelled amaze and was just what I needed.  I felt instantly relaxed.  The treatment went wonderful and Frank made me feel like this baby WILL come on his time, and that time should be Wednesdayish if not sooner.  Even if Evan doesn’t show by then, it was worth every second and I will definitely continue future treatments with our acupuncturist.  He is amazing, so brilliant, so warm and so kind.  He has been a friend of the family for as long as I have been alive and I trust him so much, so we will see if his treatments help bring baby.

Next, after a stop at the S-Bucks:

Passion tea for me, costly calorie [delicious] craziness for the Hubs.  Was a trip to the pet shop for fish food, filters and some awesome natural allergy free treats for our first baby, Oso.  This was following directly by a trip to get this prego walking, at the mall with her bestie.

Nicole, is an amazing friend of mine.  We were honestly separated at birth.  I couldn’t wait to catch up and get some girl time in.  The day before she said she was going to bring me pineapple and I told her to bring tissue (as I had been a crying nightmare for two days) and SHE DID!! She brought both!  She also gave me this:

A “Hospital Survival Bag” filled with amazing goodies for momma, baby and husband.  She thought of EVERYTHING… Socks, lip balm, lotion, baby outfits, trail mix for daddy and recommendations for daddy to bring pillows and a blanket (courtesy of her own Hubs, and this is mentioning a FEW things this AWESOME bag is filled with).  As the day has gone on I feel even more emotional about how thoughtful this was (tissue included, it might get opened early!).  She is such a great friend and I’m SO blessed.  She even took the time to type out why the items were included.  It is AWESOME.  She also has a son who is an amazing little man, so she has shared some infant goodies with us, including a pool that is already at my mom’s that will be filled and ready to go before he is even here to use it (no seriously, it will be filled with water, ready to go even though all he will be able to do is stare at it).

Hector and I then stopped at the parents house to show off our new goodie bag, and just say hey.  We did some more walking around Target, spent some cash (it is amazing how things add up at Target) and we came home did a mini treatment to get baby out and now we are going to rest rest rest, hoping baby decides to grace us with his presence – I want to share awesome sunsets like this one:

With him.

Hurry baby!  We all REALLY can’t wait to meet you! ❤


  1. This made ME cry! I loved being able to make that bag for you. I truly enjoyed every second. I am so happy that you let me be a part of your life. I am giddy over that baby boy. I absolutely cannot wait to hold him. I don’t think I have shut up about you and him all week. I hope you guys enjoy that pool. Jack got much enjoyment out of it. It is so fun to watch them splash around! I love you 3 so much and I truly feel blessed to get to be a part of this wonderful time in your life. He will be here soon. Jack made me wait a little longer too but it is always worth the wait. That baby will be so perfect and wonderful. You’re going to be such an amazing momma. I am looking forward to being able to watch you grow into motherhood. I am so excited that I will have my best friend and confidant to talk to about all things motherhood. It is incredible that now we are going to be on the same page with even one more part of our lives! I love you! You’re doing wonderful!

    • Jen

      Now I’m crying! Luckily I have tissues ;-)! I always love being around you and can’t wait to share this slice of life with you! You are SO AMAZING with Jack and just an amazing listener and friend. You are CRAZY thoughtful and I’m CRAZY grateful for you. My other half! LOVE YOU so much! ❤

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