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3rd Party Eviction Notice.

Well hello one day past my due date!

I’m sure you will come and go today, and that is OK but my dear son, can you please come before next Friday?  If you don’t I won’t be seeing you in person that day but via ultrasound and they are going to hook you and I up to a bunch of monitors to check that you aren’t in distress (I know, I know, you aren’t you move in there like a champ but I hear it is standard protocol).  But unfortunately my love, they have given you a “get out by” date and trust me, you and I both want you to come out before then.  ♥

It simply baffles me how a doctor can be so insensitive.  Maybe that is what I get for having a male doctor who has never actually been through labor before.  My appointment on Friday was disappointing in and of it self but some choice words my my doctor made it go from slightly disappointing to making me feel like I was failing at getting my little man to come out, or that my body was simply not getting the message (both things sound like FAIL in my book).  What did I learn at this appointment?  A week from Tuesday I will most likely have a baby in my arms, and if he comes that day it will likely be because they hooked me up to a bunch of monitors and filled me with a bunch of meds.

I really only care about him being healthy, and I know that the stress isn’t just on me but on the baby when they induce.  Don’t get me wrong Evan, I know you are a strong one but I’d really like you do to your own thing ;-). xoxo

The doctor did say is that he is still very high and I mentioned to him that I think he lays at more of an angle (clearly I can tell, as he is in MY BODY) and only when I said this the doctor was like “oh, that could be part of the reason you aren’t progressing.”  I thought to myself what do you mean THAT COULD be part of it?  OF course it is part of it, if his head isn’t putting pressure on my cervix, how is my cervix supposed to know to dilate.  IF I ever go through this pregnancy thing again, I will definately go the midwife route because they would have been more proactive on why my body wasn’t engaging.  I will absolutely still be in the oversight of a OBGYN and deliver in a hospital but the OB doesn’t need to see me every time and tell me “oh you are doing great, any questions, no ok see you in a few weeks” I would like more answers.  With this time around I must say I’m lucky enough to have an old family friend who is an acupuncturist and who informed me there are was to get the baby in proper position.  So this morning, my dear husband and I will see him and hopefully he can help move things along.

Yesterday was filled with a whole lot of Labor inducing things!

Lots of walking! My sister, Nicole, took me to Target, Ulta, and Old Navy, pretty much for the sole purpose of walking.  We talked to very aggressive retail people who couldn’t believe it was my due date (hey thanks!  but that means I’m not waddling, AND I WANT TO BE WADDLING LOL).  I made a Labor Cake (more like a death to your arteries cake and forgot a main ingredient, chocolate chips).  My parents bought pineapple, we walked some more down by the lake and enjoyed eggplant parmigiana and hot wings and then I hopped on their handy tredmill at 10:00 p.m. for some more walking.  After all the eating yesterday, I feel like I gained 12lbs and am feeling slightly sluggish this morning, so as I type I’m bouncing on my exercise ball and eating a banana.  But yesterday was very nice.  I was with family, was able to take in breathtaking views of our city and got to eat food that I NEVER eat and not have to feel very guilty for it.  Win. Win. Win.

The Lake ❤

Plus there is always a silver lining to things.   Friday was my last day at work and Thursday was an exciting day because it was the last day I had to DRESS UP for work.  That means no more bella bands, and no more hair ties on all my nice pants and skirts 😉

39.5 days prego, last day of dressing up for work. Yay!’

Although I may decide to go to work tomorrow (hey, paycheck and no baby?  Or no paycheck and no baby? I’m still weighing it) depending on how I feel.  I was given the OK to wear whatever I am comfortable in and I will be taking advantage of that.  My Bella Band has seen better days.

On today’s agenda:  debate booby tubes vs. bamboob-ease therapy pillows, acupuncture appointment, mall walking with my very best friend, and some sort of SPICY dinner.  Should be a good day.  (It would be an EXCELLENT day if contractions were present at any point.)


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