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Almost 40 weeks, feeling brave.

Three days shy of 40 weeks and… Nothing new to report.  Literally.  Haha.  I haven’t started waddling, feel no pressure, no weight gain, I haven’t made any progress down there and it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time with this:

The doc says that it should help Evan move down, that his head it still pretty high.  On a selfish note, I don’t mind his head high, it means I get a decent amount of sleep at night, I feel no pressure and I’m generally comfortable all day long.  However, like the good patient I am I’ll sit and bounce on the ball and catch up on DVR programs (or blogs!).  I’m also going to fit in more walking.  Especially since my last day of work is Friday, this weekend is going to be all about figuring out to get my little guy to drop, the weather in Chicago last week was extremely uncomfortable (like legitimate, record setting heat) so I’m hoping that low 90s seem doable.

Me, totally braver that usual – 39 week belly! I just got done “buttering up” ha

^^^ Is why I said I’m feeling brave.  This is so not Jen like, but it is life and my reality and I’m ready to show it.

What am I preparing this week?  Momma stuff post-partum.  Any suggestions, on new momma (not baby but momma who just pushed out a baby) items that will help with recovery?  Any ideas for super quick and easy (and HEALTHY meals)?  One thing I’m doing for Hector is putting together a grocery list that is very specific so he doesn’t drive me bananas with things I don’t want (i.e., yes I want a watermelon but no I don’t want you to spend 15 dollars on it, thanks) when he goes on his solo trips for fresh produce (a must in our house).  He has tried to be grocery helper in the past and the amount of money he spends, makes me crazy.  I’m a HUGE saver/sale person.  It KILLS me to buy things full price because I can just imagine them going on sale the following week.  So I’m making a fool proof “must haves”, “like to have” (code for is it on sale, a decent price, or do I need to sell an organ for it), and “sale items”.  I can’t see myself having the time to check for sales once little EJV enters the world so I’m hoping this list helps calm his want to please my new momma anxiety and my intense need for certain food items.  The list will help me feel like I’m in control and hopefully keep us from going broke while I’m not working.  When I get done with my lists, maybe I’ll share, to get some feed back 😉

My mom sent me this picture – The toy is from my sister Nicole and the Sunglasses are from her – super sweet huh? He has some shades 😉

Fitness realm:  I have officially suspended my gym membership until I can return to a full workout regimen, per doctor’s orders (I even got a note!).  So that went off via email this am and I cannot help but daydream about my happy place (I’ve always considered the gym my happy place, I LOVE it).  It is weird how you miss things so much when you can’t have them.  But I’m sure I’ll find plenty to do between now and my return the gym.  After all there are still tons of things I can do at home/outside between now and then.  Even though I am trying to be really loose with back-to-workout goals (I’m just going to do what feels right, that is how I do) I plan on returning to running and normal yoga sessions first while gradually increasing my weight lifting once again (it has been killer to lift the same boring weight for the past 30+ weeks) and this can all be done in the comforts of my home, while I figure out my new sidekick.  I’m glad I have the support of my wonderful hubby who knows how important it is for me to fit in this me time once my body has healed from childbirth, he knows a happy Jen = a happy him and probably a happy baby.

Fear:  Other (too eager to tell me what they think I’m doing wrong) moms.  I know this sounds terrible, but I’m afraid of it.  What do I mean?  The moms who look at you and say, “why did you dress him that way?” – “That baby must be freezing” – “Don’t nurse him like that” – “Why did you choose that” – etc.  I could write those questions over and over but it is still beyond me how judgmental people are.  Granted, there will be LOTS of compliments (even if I don’t’ deserve them) I’m sure.  However, I have a feeling new moms always feel they are doing something wrong and don’t need ANYONE to jump down their throat in any way shape or form because they feel their way is better, let the new parent, parent.  Geez. I only bring this up because I have looked at many blogs, new mom boards, pregnancy boards, and breastfeeding boards and I feel like there are more moms that “attack” how you feel you should be doing something than thinking to themselves “I did it differently, but maybe that is what works for them.”

Food:  Lots of snacks!  My tummy gets full so easily so I do lots of little snacks.  LOTS of watermelon, lots of spinach and lots of eggs.  I’m also crazy lazy, so simple is the way to be.

Natural peanut butter (or almond butter) and a banana (or apple, or celery or even a whole grain cracker or two)… a staple snack ❤

Excitement:  I’m beyond excited to meet my little dude.  I love you my little guy!!

What I’m doing now?  Smelling the cooking of my awesome hubby, with that, I’m out. xoxo

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