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Family Time on the Fourth

Of course I’m late.  But I did want to share our Fourth!  It was a nice quiet HOT day with family.

My boys and I (Evan at 38 weeks, Oso 2 years) & Hector behind the camera

In between baking out doors for very small amounts of time

Grilling was happening:

Grill master

Jen’s favorite Fourth inspired treats were being made:

Main ingredients? Fresh berries of course 🙂

Yogurt parfaits

Next time I’ll use greek yogurt as it will separate better but regular yogurt was on sale and right now I’m all about sales.

And of course there were fireworks:

Making the neighbors a little crazy, but the boys had fun ❤

Typically our Fourth’s are more eventful but this year we took it easy with myself being well into my 38 week of pregnancy and everyone having to go to work the next day (including yours truly) – but it was perfect.  It was a calm restful belly filling day with family I adore.  But I couldn’t help but daydream about having Evan here and sharing these days with him.  I have a feeling next year we will be seeing a lot of red white and blue and finding our way to some sort of parade but as always I’m super proud to be an American (corny I know).

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