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Enjoying the Little Moments

Yesterday was a lazy day for me.  I hadn’t been able to sleep the night before so my day at work was unusually brutal and I was abnormally crabby afterward.  I spent a few minutes at my parents’ house and picked up my puppy.  I was looking forward to getting home because I knew Hector was waiting there for me, with magical food.  He had texted me earlier in the day and asked if me if I would like it if he picked up some Thai food, on his way home.  Our favorite restaurant of all time was a Thai place that is no longer around, so it had be quite some time since I’ve had any and this change of food pace was very welcomed as cooking in the heat (it has been over 90 degrees outside for just about a week with no near end in sight) was the last thing I wanted to do after a brutal day at the office.  Plus, my sense of smell has come back with vengeance and an air conditioned home doesn’t allow for airing things out so even if I wasn’t the cook, I didn’t want a major food smelly house all night long (the thought of another sleepless night almost brought me to tears).  So I sent him a text message that said I definitely wouldn’t be devastated if he picked up some red curry veggies.  I was really looking forward to getting home to a pretty clean home and not needing to do many dishes.

We had a wonderful little meal followed by a tiny amount of cuddle time, which led to a much needed nap for yours truly.  I woke up sweaty (GROSS) and without my hubby, which made me a little sad.  I picked up a few things around the house and started getting ready for bed.  I was clearly still quite tired and just wanted to hang with my two boys, and that is exactly what we did.

It was perfection.  Oso was wonderfully cuddly and so was my sweet husband.  We joked and laughed and enjoyed my belly’s funny shapes.  Evan really is cozy in there and puts on quite the little show for us.  It was the most wonderful night, just laying around enjoying each other’s company.

I’m hoping to have similar experience tonight and tomorrow with the always festive, this year simple, fourth. This year we are going to go by my mom’s and enjoy some quite (HOT) sunny time together. I’m planning on dressing in something simple and light and getting some much needed vitamin D, some reading time, thank you cards done and eating too much with my awesome family. What am I going to bring?  Some sort of fun (maybe –probably- healthy) side dish and some festive fruit and yogurt parfaits. Do you have any big plans for the Fourth?  I imagined my Fourth this year being super swollen and gross and I’m surprised to say I’m not super swollen although 23lbs+ heavier than usual, I am carrying around a happy healthy 38+ week old boy! 


  1. Just wait until Evan is here! I know mostly you hear about how tired you will be etc. That is true but there are a million of those small moments mixed in. I can think of a ton that just happened yesterday! Mixed in with a cranky toddler, running a ton of errands, and 100 degree weather (which the aforementioned toddler doesn’t like) Yet I can still think of many small moments from just yesterday that made me smile.That is the best thing about being a momma. Despite all of the hard moments we are sprinkled with many many many simple moments that make every second worth it. You’re doing so great and Evan is so lucky to have you as a momma!!! Love you

    • Jen

      I really hope I can do half as good as you do with Jack! Because you are right Evan would be lucky to have me if I could get there ❤ I'm excited about those little moments too. I really am just remembering these are the things life is made of

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