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And That’s Term!

This week marks the big 38 weeks gestation for my little guy, so for a whole week he has been FULL TERM!  This is a pretty big deal because my baby will never be considered pre-term.  If he made his grand entrance today, he would likely be a very healthy little dude ready to rock my world.  I can’t wait!  Bring on the sleepless nights, sore body and my little angel I’ve been waiting to meet.  I hear all the time, literally to the point of annoyance, “Enjoy your sleep now.”  I really understand you can’t understand that until it happens but stop beating the pregnant person with this stuff.  I mean, some people daydream about their perfect experience with the PERFECT baby who sleeps and eats and is blissful, well TRUST me, I’m not that person.  I’m a realist.  I have read the books, listened to friends, read blogs… I get it the sleep is going to stop and especially because I plan on breastfeeding I understand (to the extent I can, not having lived through any of it yet) that I will literally be a milk factory every 1.5 hours (sometimes a glorious half hour more, or a miserable hour less) for the next several weeks following my rock star’s entrance but I’m as ready as I can be for the challenge and BEYOND LUCKY to have the support of friends, and family, and my incredible husband to get me through those crazy emotional days.

Crazy fact:  Did you know that pregnancy hormones completely leave the body and go back to pre-pregnancy levels in just FIVE days!  That is enough to drive anyone insane I’m sure let alone a new mom, with no sleep… Yikes the things we have to look forward to, my supporters and I – PS read the blog Lucie’s List if you are expecting.  She is HYSTERICAL and just a great read with lots of helpful advice on gadgets and postpartum stuff!

 I’m really not sure why I’m not more anxious about delivery, I mean the moment I find myself freaking out even slightly I’m able to coach myself out of being anxious.  I think I lost MAYBE 3 minutes of sleep last night wondering, when I’d go into labor, how much pain I’d be in or if I’d have to be induced.  I was very pleased with how I was able to calm myself down and drift off into a peaceful sleep (only awoken for my hourly trip to the bathroom, good times).  But the odd thing is these trips are really my fault.  My darling son has not dropped but I continue to drink water and eat watermelon like I may get dehydrated but my output (TMI, oh well) tells me that isn’t the case.  😉

Anywho, I had my 37 week appointment a few days ago, where I was surprised by my first internal exam.  Literally, surprised, why?  I don’t know, I thought they’d wait until next week.  Plus I KNEW that Evan hadn’t made any progress.  I have no pressure, no contractions, no NOTHING except sleepiness.  Still the doctor insisted on a baseline, and SURPRISE – cervix completely closed!  He even commented on how high the baby still was, and I was like, “Duh, I could have TOLD YOU THAT – and sort of did!!” Haha, at least I know my body pretty well and know that I have some serious walking in my future (even though I stay pretty active, I’m bumping this up) – my next appointment is bright and early next Friday morning maybe a day shy of 39 weeks I may have some progress… I hope.

37 week baby bump!

I find it very difficult to concentrate on anything but baby related things.  From breastfeeding fears (this is something I DESPREATELY want to do and would be devastated if I couldn’t make it work), to being prepared as far as material items, to how I’ll handle it emotionally to already fast forwarding to the future wondering if it will be impossible for me to return to work.  I so desperately want to be a stay at home mom, even if it could only be 6 months but the reality is Hector and I are a dual income family, and that is what we have to do for our family.  I’m hoping writing this down will help calm some of my anxiety – positive thinking is what I have adopted lately.  Luckily I have found in my life, probably because of my faith, is things just work out and I need to remember to take things one day at a time.

Another thing I do a lot?  Hang out in Evan’s room.  I’m so happy with it; it is such a peaceful room and pretty much EXACTLY what I wanted.  I know it isn’t “themey” but I’m not themey and neither is Hector and until little Evan has an all-out personality I’m sure he won’t mind that everything in his space was well thought out and filled with love.  It is a calm place with soothing colors and items and I simply can’t wait to share with him I daydream about rocking him in his glider and giving him endless hugs and kisses.  I know he won’t sleep in the room off the bat (we will have a bassinet in the bedroom with us, for ease of feeding/changing those early weeks) but I still plan on hanging with my little guy in that room, a lot!

Raspberry Leaf Tea – who knows if this actually works, but I’m down to try just about anything to move things along or prepare my insides 😉

How am I feeling?  Good!  Minus the energy I just can’t seem to figure out.  I’m not swollen, I’ve gained a total of 23 lbs (at 37w 4d), my rings still fit and my butt still squeezes into my Friday jeans with the help of a handy dandy rubberband.  Cravings?  Still none!  I’m sorta bummed, maybe it is my personality that doesn’t allow me to have them but I did indulge in a burger last Saturday (with fries!) but haven’t indulged since.  I guess I just like the healthy clean eats and so does my little man (ahh, he knows the key to my heart, healthy living!).  Maybe watermelon can be considered my craving but I have been addicted to summer watermelon for as long as I can remember. Fitness:  Slow going, I get in my weights, my squats and lunges and my yoga poses but the heat has kept me away from walking as much as I’d like this week.

As for plans for today?  Maybe a trip to the Farmer’s Market (maybe not) and a graduation party.  Also a lot of cleaning, I want things as prepared as they can be! Hope your Saturday is wonderful!!

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