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Nursery Love

So something that made time pass super quickly while pregnant was/is preparing for baby.  All the research that goes into products you want to register for, the nursery you dream of having, what outfit you will bring the baby home in and even the baby book… It is all SO important.

Hector and I are very different but we are dedicated to trying to bring Evan up in as calm of an environment as we can.  As far as the decor throughout our home, we try to keep things neutral and calm.  Hector is naturally calm and centered.  I, on the other hand, am not.  So I try to surround myself in as cozy of an environment as I can, and that is what we wanted to accomplish for Evan’s room.

I spent SO MUCH time trying to figure out what I wanted for his room.  Blue walls?  Green?  Did I want a Jungle theme? No. I’m not themey… It was definitely a labor of love to figure this out.  We went with very neutral walls (we didn’t paint!  this was the color of the room when we decided it would become the nursery!) and the bedding… What. a. nightmare. I spent HOURS looking for something that was perfect and naturally couldn’t find ANYTHING I liked.  I ended up at the uber expensive Restoration Hardware Baby.  Well, if we have another baby, we will NOT be ordering from there again.  Although I LOVE the look of their items, the shipping was expensive, the items are CRAZY PRICED for the quality (in my opinion) and even on sale (which is the only way I could buy from there) getting the product to me took OVER A MONTH! I really just wanted simple colors and I did get what I wanted but the price was not worth it.  So, lesson learned and THANK GOODNESS I got it on sale 😉 – overall, I am happy with the look of the crib it should be very cozy for my little angel.

With my non-themey approach you can imagine it was hard to find a mobile.  But as a member of (Oh holy addiction) I found this mobile ON SALE.  I’m all about the sales 😉 and I fell in love.  It was SO DIFFERENT and because it isn’t too low to the crib it can stay hanging for well past when he is able to get up and grab things.  When we put his fan on they do move around and it is just awesome to stare at.

Growing up, some of my FONDEST moments were on my father’s boat.  I still day dream about our days at Burnham Harbor.  So as much as I didn’t want a “theme” I do love the sailboat/water idea and so Hector (my little artist) took decorations and items from our shower and made these super personalized BEAUTIFUL pictures for above the crib:

What I love about this is that so many hands touched the paper in those pictures.  Loving hands, my best friend’s hands, my sister’s hands, my mom’s hands and my husband’s hands.  They truly are made with SO MUCH love.

On the glider is something that is also so important.  It is a blanket my mom MADE for Evan.  Literally EVERY stitch of that thing is made with love.  I can’t wait to wrap him in it.  I plan on nursing Evan here a lot, so it will always be close to him. My mom is SO IN LOVE with her grandson and so it means so much to me that he will get to meet her soon!

The writing in the art is the same scripture recited the day of our wedding (it is recited at many weddings) but is special to us and Evan because that is the night our little guy came to be (TMI? Oh well, haha).  We don’t recite scripture, we aren’t that couple but this baby is going to be so LOVED.  The love surrounding his appearance is incredible, almost tangible, by everyone around us and how badly Hector and I want to meet him, can’t even be expressed in words but I’ll wait.. as long as he is happy and healthy, I’ll wait.  He is worth it.

But my dear son, I so look forward to holding you, to kissing you, to staring at you. ❤ I love you my son and can’t wait to share this room, and this life, with you. xoxo

Soon ❤

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