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Things we are loving – low chemical edition

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It has been a while since I posted about my favorite items.  So here. goes. nothing!

My bff, has posted how she has gone the natural route lately and because we are so alike I naturally have done that too.  We are on the same wave length, or separated at birth lol…

I slowly started jumping on this no chemical bandwagon that went full speed ahead when I got prego with my sweet baby. Think about how much pollution we take in on a daily basis, there are chemicals EVERYWHERE.  I use to have a huge problem with ache and would buy EVERY over-the-counter (and prescription)  chemical on the planet to make it go away, one day, I was looking at my towels and noticed there were bleach stains all over them.  Naturally, I yelled at my then boyfriend/now husband Hector, because I figured it was him doing a terrible job with the laundry .. He swore up and down he did not bleach the laundry and even if he did how would the pattern happen (he was right…).  So I then thought it was his shampoo or something (you have to blame the men, right? lol), until one day I thought to myself… holy. crap.  acids in my face wash.  Sure enough I tested my theory with a freshly colored non-stained towel and whola, bleach stains.  Ever since that moment I decided no more acids, no more strong chemicals, how could something that bleaches colors out of fabrics be good to put on my face and soak into my body?

Strange thing?  My face DRAMATICALLY cleared up when I switched to face soaps with less chemicals, I kid you not it was a DRAMATIC difference (that and a great diet, lots of water and good fats).  My current favorite?  It is a BAR!

Kiss my face

Honestly, I love this stuff!  My face feels clean, never dry and super crazy awesome blemish free.  I follow up with a rose water toner and a moisturizer, coconut oil! ❤

Coconut oil is a bigggggggggggg deal in my household.  We use it for everything, from Evan’s skin, to cooking, to my skin, Evan’s food, Oso’s food… My favorite face scrub right now is: coffee grounds and coconut oil – yep! That is all, it leaves my face smooth and happy!  😀

As far as chemicals around the house, I have been a longtime user of environmentally friendly products that I buy at Target and Whole Paycheck.  This is especially important to me because of Evan, when I clean something I expect some sort of residue to be left behind and with a mobile baby, I don not want that to be harmful, so I clean with eco-friendly, low chemical products (vinegar and baking soda work great too!)  Some include:
Mrs. Meyers
naturally it’s clean (whole foods)

My bff has been experimenting with making her own cleaning solutions and I must say I’d love to start 😉

Baby cleaning.  Evan’s skin isn’t the most sensitive on the planet (lucky me and lucky him!), but I’m CRAZY about what goes onto his body.  We are and have been loving Babo Botanicals (specifically Oatmilk Calendula), Earth Mama Angel Baby and California Baby products.

DSC_0636 DSC_0641


He smells amazing after bath time:



My husband thinks I am a little crazy about the products, and that sometimes I spend a little too much on things BUT that is the great thing about parenting and becoming an adult.  I can do whatever I want 🙂

Leaving judgment at the door, this is what works for my family and I know medicines and chemicals have helped countless people but in my little unit the natural stuff works much better and I FEEL much better about using it. I like to share what works for my family because when I blog surf I get great ideas and try out new products and choose what works for us so right now that is all of the above.

Now off for a breakfast date with a best of mine and my new lil bf growing in her belly, followed by a sweaty sesh at my new gym!

xoxo I’m going to follow up with a date night post (our second real date since Evan, go us!)!  How cute is this:


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