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When any weekend comes I typically feel an intense weight lift off my shoulders.  This week was especially heavy with the disaster explosion in TX and of course the horrible act of terrorism in Boston.

As a runner, I know Boston, it is the Superbowl of marathons… Those friends, family and strangers cheering those awesome runners on and the absolute terror of the events – it is simply unthinkable to me.  Gives me a reason to lace up those shoes and join more races though.  Running means something different to everyone.   Some do it to stay fit.  Some do it to stay sane.  Some just want all the cool medals and bragging rights.  Something in common with runners?  We are dedicated.  Whether we are running and thinking “I. hate. this” but love the runners high effect that comes after a good run or if you are that flyer sprinter whose feet barely touch the ground and you glide with ease for miles… we are dedicated.



My heart, soul and whole being goes out to those injured, to the friends, family and loved ones who lost someone on what is supposed to be such a triumphant day.

What I hope comes out of this, is a renewed drive to continue to lace up those shoes for charities, for health and fitness, for the bragging rights of saying “I’m a runner” “I’m a marathoner” “I run, just because” and for any crazy reason people who feel the need to get miles in.  Us runners will move on and for some time we will #runforBoston

I’m already brainstorming on the races I’ll be joining in the near future… Today I’m taking my shoes to he pavement in my neighborhood and every step I take will be for everyone effected by this tragedy – God Bless.

lacethem up!

Run. On.


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