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Friday Fitness – Family Style.

Hello all!

Happy Friday!  Fridays are always (as I’ve said before) a little more exciting then other days of the week.  Especially THIS Friday.  We are closing! I’ll have to post about our crazy short-sale experience and all that stuff that goes along with buying your first home via this avenue.  It has been SUCH A JOURNEY and I can’t wait to share the pros and cons of this sorta popular way to buy these days.

Back to fitness.  With today being closing day, we might only get in the fitness walking around our new home with baby on the hip and lots of hugs from friends and family.  This weekend will be dedicated to upper body (via a fancy paint roller and some heavy paint…).  Family fitness is cool! I’m starting Evan out young we practice upper body and core control together:


It is in my dreams that I’d be making it to a heated yoga class tonight, I still might.  I finally got my new mat and got to use it at a private Pilates session (LOVE. love love, more on that later – I never thought I’d be able to say the words private session in this blog but I have some pretty awesome friends lol).  It has to make it to a yoga class before the first week of its life is over, you must celebrate these purchases, what better then sweating  😉

Any-who what are your Friday fitness plans??


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