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That’s a Wrap!

Well, we came, we signed, we closed.

Another huge, life changing event, complete.

We have keys:


We are officially on a couple “happy clients” lists:



We also have awesome people who have supported us – I swear I am so lucky. So. Lucky.  My mom came, and DIDN’T CRY! 🙂

Today we are bringing over essentials so we can do a little work, what essentials you say?

  • ipod dock + ipod
  • wipes, diapers, a few bibs and a extra outfits
  • a coffee pot and a few mugs
  • deodorant
  • my water bottle!!!
  • a couple candles for a homey scent
  • Tea pot and tea!

AND, I’m stopping at the store for fresh fruit, easy to eat veggies and healthy snacks, although the pizza last night was awesome, my tummy is not happy this morning!

Although we don’t officially move until next week there are a few odds and ends we need to get up and done before we move, so I need to decide on paint colors, buy outlet covers and get soap for the bathrooms (we have toilet paper, and paper towels there already 😉 ) – This was such a crazy experience and like many things just fell into place, really the way things should.  Things shouldn’t be too “forced” in life.  I haven’t posted much about it because I knew at any moment it could fall through.. Bank could have rejected our bid, our loan could have been stalled… all that stuff. Yet, everything slowly worked out and we were lucky to have the opportunity to take advantage of a short-sale due to our current landlord.  In a short-sale world ours closed on the shorter end of the spectrum, in about 3 1/2 months.  It is definitely not unheard of for these processes to take 6, 7 even 8 months on the long end.  So we feel lucky, because you get a little antsy right about now!

Everything is totally moving right along… With that I must say, I have a busy day!

Off to the dentist, followed by some flash packing, driving, the Blackhawks, friends, Costco and chillen with that little dude:

here come the hawks!




  1. I am so so happy for you guys!!!! Do you need any help???? I want to come by and see the place! Congrats!!!!!! Maybe the house Gods will look our way now….I hope lol

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