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Planning for the Week

This weekend was awesome.  My sweet hubby and I FINALLY made time for a date night, we enjoyed some clean eats (spinach, gornozola, pecans and salmon salad for me and a chorizo and spinach flatbread for him) and a awesome glass of red:



We also had a great conversation about life, future goals and all that grown up fun stuff.  It was great way to kick back and relax and it reminded us we need to make time for just us a little more often.  I honestly had sort of forgotten how much we had in common.

Not going to lie, I missed my little dude he has been so smiley and awesome even with his teething.  He has two little teeth that cut through right in front, and he has handled it like a champ.  His sleeping is all over the place but I like when he wants nighttime cuddles (call me crazy, but the feeling I get from soothing my upset baby really is something I enjoy… even live for).  Granted, I do need my sleep, but for now the little night ninja is keeping me on my toes and I’m OK with that.

Yesterday we got up, started cleaning and organizing and I had a ton of cuddle time with my little guy.  He slept on my chest while I got some work done:



I look worse for wear but it was a lazy Sunday and I stayed in my workout clothes and cuddled up.  Perfection.  I love how the only thing you can see are his little baby lips in this picture ❤  Here he is up close:



Man oh man to I love this little nugget so much. SO much.

Something that came up on our weekend chat? Fitness, of course.  My sweet husband has been an intemmitant lifter.  He hates cardio, and really just tells me he isn’t interested in fitness.  He comes around a bit when his weight hits a high point then he decides “no, I want to work out” he will clean up a little bit in the eating department and drop a few lbs and the idea of becoming more active leaves his body.  This makes me nuts.  I think it is great that people get motivated when they want to change the number on the scale but to me, fitness is SO. MUCH. MORE. to me.

When I wake up in the morning and have my cup of coffee I daydream about the daily fitness I am going to get in. I get excited about it.  When I’m actually doing the activity of choice sometimes I hate it (this happens A LOT with running) but when I’m done my mind, body and soul feel so fulfilled. You never regret a workout.  It is so not just physical for me, it helps my mental state so much.  Since Evan has been born, I’m not going to lie, a lot of the time fitness takes a backseat.  I don’t want it to but when I roll out of bed with a few hours of sleep, work a full day and do my daily commute and find time to pump so he can eat while I’m away… Sometimes even the best laid plans take a backseat to baby cuddles and an evening nap that turns into a very early bedtime.  But each week gets a bit better, one step forward.

ANYWAY, my point is, I love health and fitness, I live and breathe it. I sorta beat myself up for not doing a science and being a personal trainer/yoga instructor  etc. (still a future goal!) Our bodies are so important to take care of, no more so then ever with my little guy I need to make sure I do everything I can to stay happy and healthy for him, for a long time.  I really hope the hubs gets on the bandwagon.

Today I’m going to do another heated yoga class or a boo-tay workout with that crazy sister of mine.



My newest motivation to stay happy and healthy is to be the best mother I can be.  ❤

Happy Monday!

Do you workout for the fun of it? Is it a chore to you?  How do you get your friends/spouse/partner motivated to hit the gym, take a class or do a DVD?

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  1. Jason has been more interested in fitness since I started training him on the Reformer. 🙂 We have a date tonight at the studio for a private session. So I get Jason motivated to workout (not hit the gym, since I am not a gym person) but workout by being a Pilates instructor myself…..

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