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Traditions: Holiday Edition

When I was growing up the holidays were always a very big deal.  My mom would decorate, we would have holiday parties and I will forever have fond memories of the holidays.  Now it is my turn to do the same for Evan!  I followed in the Macy’s land tradition of seeing Santa:


(My sister pulled out videos of when WE WENT and let me just say not much has changed!)

We have some family traditions that burn stronger some years then others.  Last year, with my bun in the oven meant a making cookies day, wasn’t in the books nor was late night hot chocolate or anything that required eating, staying up late or music (yeah my morning sickness & exhaustion was that. bad.).  This year I feel great!  My body is getting back in the swing of things (I promise an update, soon!), some days I have more energy then others (this depends on my night ninja and the amount of caffeine I down in a day) and we made LOTS of cookies, although no crazy festive sugar cookies like in years past, maybe next year (I made lactation cookies, instead haha):


We are festive peeps!  Anywho, this year as I wake up and my little man, big man and fluffy man all are still lazily laying around, I day dream about getting a good deal on stocking hangers for our new fire place at Target, the yoga class I’m going to make it to tonight, and the beautiful Christmas Cheer we will be enjoying today.

Lots of family, including the newest addition:


[Wayyyyyyyyy more pictures to come!]

Some last minute shopping…. I know, I know.. haha

Some last minute wrapping and a few more salt ornaments for next year:


He already has GIGANTIC feet!

I think we may even take a trip downtown late tonight to see the lights, because they are totally Mr. E’s favorite:


We love the holidays.  It really is a great time to reflect on all your blessings, and I have a lot LOT LOT to be grateful for.

Lets break down some of our family holiday traditions:

– Decorating!  We always make a big day of it.  We are a fresh family (this year not included, but majority of the time we do real):


– Cookies!  And way too many of them!

– Watching the Santa Clause, over and over and over.  I own them, they are my all time favorite!  I hope my favorite little nephew has them! Otherwise I know what his next gift will be 😉

– Last minute Christmas shopping.  I love to HATE this haha.

– A trip downtown to see Santa (this one is new, this year), the lights, Macy’s windows, Daley Center’s German-Style Christmas fair and the tree:








– and plenty of excuses to cuddle up on the couch, stare at the Christmas tree and enjoy the company of loved ones.

I know I’m missing a bunch, so I’ll update if I remember.  But for now I’m off to begin the countdown of my Baby’s First Christmas and the arrival of Santa Claus.


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  1. courtneybentley

    Love all of your photos! Christmas is an amazing time and I’m glad to see your photos! Love and shine courtstar

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