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5 Months

This holiday season I have the best gift a girl could ask for:


A beautiful, happy and healthy little boy.

This month has FLOWN by, Thanksgiving felt like yesterday yet it was a month ago.  My little ham is still the best part of my day and he will light up any dull room.  This month he has giggled up a storm, started rolling from back to belly and our hearts have expanded to depths I never knew existed.

Dear Evan:

Happy holidays my little love!  You are really enjoying Christmas lights and cuddle time (yep, still the most amazing time ever).  Things I  am LOVING about you at 5 months?  The way you gently touch people’s faces.  You really are such a gentle little baby giant (EVERYONE comments on how big you are and they aren’t really that far off as you are in the 98th percentile for height).  Your cooing is more like a scream but it is accompanied by this gum baring smile that will melt anyone in view’s heart.  You smile so much and when you do we smile back, my jaws hurt by the middle of the day because of how much we smile at you.

Things you love at 5 months?  Your exercausers, Sophie, lifefactory teethers, bathtime and Baby Eisenstein with grandma.

You drool so much you can soak the whole front of your shirt, you are totally in teething land but no teeth yet!

Things you don’t like?  Your carseat and bed time (my little night ninja).  We are still nursing like champs and pumping at work is still working out.  It isn’t my favorite pass-time, but it is worth it for you.

You really are the  I look forward to every second with you.  I love that I can comfort you, and that you look for me, even prefer to be held by me once and a while.  It makes me feel so special that you want to be around me, but my little love the pleasure is all mine.  Thank you for being so amazing and teaching me that even when I’m in a bad mood, you can turn it around with that beautiful smile of yours.  As quickly as time is passing, I’m trying to soak it all in.  Thank you for the cuddle time, before I know it you’ll be more independent than I want you to be.  So with that said, I’m going to go rock you to sleep and hold and admire you for a great long while as it is the day before Christmas Eve.










  1. Terri Fossey

    Evan is really very adorable!!! I hope to meet him in person very soon! Merry Christmas to you and your family! ❤

  2. Happy 5 months! We just entered teething land but no teeth yet 😦 It makes for a really long day. She won’t take a pacifier, so it’s either my hand which she grabs and puts in her mouth or sophie the giraffe. I’m off to Target tomorrow to get some teething accessories.

    • Jen

      I hope you found something that works for you!! I personally love lifefactory’s teethers (Wholefoods, Amazon have them) – Evan is totally anti-pacifier too usually these days he has little sharp nubs now, not fun. The waking up every hour at night isn’t the best either especially because I can tell he is uncomfortable. Hope things go smoothly with your little Miss!

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