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New Year

Well, if you haven’t noticed we have entered 2013!  I must say 2012 was so good to me.  I had a beautiful healthy baby boy:


Although he wasn’t in “the Plan” to begin with, he has been the most blessed curve ball the universe could have thrown me and he has made my plans for the future much clearer as well as taught me to live in the moment.  His baby breath, sweet smiles and awesome disposition continue to be my favorite part of the day.

I must say 2012 has been consumed by him, and learning to adjust to becoming a parent.  It is hard for me to justify ever being away from him when I’m home from work so allowing my fitness goals to be a little more loose has been an adjustment that I hope to tighten up on in 2013 as he becomes more an more independent *sniff, sniff*.  However, Hector and I also took the leap and went under contract on a new house, so we have been busy behind the scenes with other things, too.

I have thought a lot about career goals for the future and more personal goals (a half marathon maybe? or a 120 day yoga challenge ) I’m still up in the air but something about 1/1/2013 makes you feel like you can start things off clean and on the right track.  I’m not huge on new years resolutions because I feel you should re-invent yourself and adjust goals at all times of the year but if the Jan. 1, 2013 lights your fire as a good place to start, power to you!  I am using it as a start to make sure I remain on the right track as far as health and fitness.

Cleaning up my eating habits even more is huge right now.  With my little night ninja, fitting in work, some fitness, and some personal study time on other things has proven to be difficult and I feel like sometimes night time dinner is the first thing to go south.  Why?  My husband works long hours, I work long hours, we want to get home and just be together but now we have to also focus on getting our family back to as healthy as can be.

I hope your new year is happy, healthy and fit!  I hope that your goals get realized and that things challenge you (life would be terribly boring without a challenge).  

Be back with a baby’s first Christmas post!  I told you 2012 was awesome. 😉




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