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Catching up.

Phew! These weeks are just, flying.  We are 6 days into the new year and I must say my life has already been flipped upside down, in an amazing way. [More on that later]

But, it hasn’t been short of absolutely cray.  Fitting in time for everything I want to do is always going to be a challenge, but I like challenges 😉

I recently decided my fitness goal is going to do 120 days of yoga.  I believe I’m going to start the daily practice sometime next month as I have some time consuming projects taking place this month (i.e. moving! and all that fun stuff that goes with it like packing haha… probably) and I’m not going to put added pressure on my shoulders.  I’m going to practice as I please and hit the weights (my FAVORITE way to de-stress).

I did make it to this place yesterday:

cpyOh yea.  One happy momma.  It was wonderfully challenging and a warm.  I LOVE heated yoga classes in the wintertime!

I’m also still in the hunt for the perfect yoga mat.  I keep going back and forth but I have a feeling when I go to use my giftcards at a certain store that practically absorbs my money I might get a shiny new mat to match.  The only thing holding me back is reviews regarding major chemical smells…  How did people shop without the internet?  I feel lucky that I’ll never have to know 😉

What else is new around here?  Well:


Hockey is back!  I’m not the HUGEST fan or anything but my family goes NUTS over hockey so E is sporting his Chicago Blackhawks gear today.  His Auntie Cole (maybe even both his Auntie Coles) is screaming her head off right now… I can hear her from miles away.

Basically, I’m catching up on things.  We are eating right, exercising and enjoying my little man and my redbox case eating bear (Oso!!).  While crossing our fingers on the house and getting excited about new endeavors on my end.

Also, who am I kidding? As soon as I get my new kicks, I’ll be running again regularly too.  If I register for the Soldier Field 10 miler before the 16th it is 10 bucks off, I’m a sucker for deals 😉 and nothing gets the mileage back up to par then a great race, right?

What are you up to on the fitness front? Hockey fan? Happy Sunday!!!





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