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Tears and Fears

I woke up yesterday with a chip on my shoulder, don’t ask why I just did.  I found myself being blue about a few things and then I heard the awful horrible news about the massacre in CT.

I’m sure everyone who has watched the news, read articles or is directly connected to this absolutely unbelievable act of violence are just beside themselves, I know I am.  Walking into our kitchen at work and seeing the headline on the TV stopped me dead in my tracks and I gasped for air as I read what had happened.  My mind still cannot escape the loss of lives, of little innocent children who should be spending today, a Saturday, at home with their parents too excited that Santa is coming to visit in such a short time.

My mom and I discussed how some parents were probably running around finishing up shopping, or wrapping gifts and hiding them, and to get that call or hear it on the news.  My eyes fill with tears at just the thought.  These parents who still cannot hold their children 20 families who have lost someone so young so innocent and six more who have lost a loved one in such a tragic way.  I heard the principal who passed had five children.  Five children, who do not have a mom.

As I held Evan last night and this morning I just cannot imagine the pain.  In fact, I loose breath at just the thought.  My prayers,  deepest condolences and thoughts go out to the families, friends and community in Newtown, CT.  God bless.


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