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Starting the week off right [well sort of]

Happy Monday!

I’m sitting here, sipping coffee from my favorite mug:

Catching up on a little bit of news and proud of what I got accomplished this weekend.  Sure I didn’t get ALL of the halls decked but a certain “must have” was completed:

Tree 2012

[My phone takes increasingly awful pictures and the battery isn’t really staying alive these days – guess I need to invest in a new one.]

Who am I kidding, if it wasn’t for my wonderful parents – this wouldn’t have gotten completed.  Haha.  Mom and dad came and conquered.  Ok ok, I did decorate it but they did the hard work:


I also spent a great deal of time with someone who is just the

We cuddled, played and smiled all weekend long.

It was perfection.  I tried to take pictures of my other best, Oso but he really just blends in with the background and looks like a huge black shadow.  So he spent a lot of time with us but it went undocumented, he is a ninja.  With a wild work week last week – I’m looking forward to getting things accomplished, maybe doing a bit-o LIGHT Christmas shopping and hopefully some quality time with that dear husband of mine.  I’m of course going to fit in some time for fitness, I usually go into phases with things and this time of year I REALLY REALLY love me some heated yoga, so I’m going to definitely hit the mat.  Something kind of lacking from my life right now? Running.  Not sure why, just not feeling it.

What else is on the agenda this week?

  • Meal plan Monday
  • Quality time with itunes (need a new playlist, or two)
  • yoga
  • Shopping
  • Cardio, maybe some Zumba?
  • Christmas pictures with Santa (MUST be done!)

I’m off to finish getting ready for work.



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