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Tis the Holiday Season

Halloween came around this year and I thought “Whoa, my clock is all mixed up” – you see it still felt like summer time, not fall.  Now I look at the calendar and cannot believe that Christmas is in less than twenty days!  What have I done?


Usually we deck the halls:

DSC_0330DSC_0175Sweet crooked star right?

We always buy real trees and our house smells like a cozy Christmas scene.  [Well with the help of Christmas candles too.] This year my mom gave us an artificial tree because she thought it would be easier for us to maintain with our crazy schedules and new baby – Well:

This year, I have been so busy that NOTHING has been unpacked and only some fun holiday scents have been purchased (but not lit!).  Not one Christmas gift has been purchased (because we are tight on cash after my maternity leave and we can’t touch any savings because we are buying a house), and Oso hasn’t gotten any crazy Christmas outfits to wear (yes we are that family).


This weekend is another busy busy weekend filled with too much to do an not enough time.. BUT we are going to make the most out of it ❤

On the agenda?  Workout, Christmas decorating (it will WILL happen), hanging with my main little man and some time with the pup – oh and dinner with friends.

What are your fitness plans?  I’m going to get to a C2 yoga class, maybe go for a run and hit the weights like a champ 😉

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