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Friday Fitness

Hello all!

It is a day that usually gives me a little extra pep in my step.  Most people how know me are thinking, how is that possible? I’m usually an energy master, everyday.  However Fridays I find myself with an extra ump in my day – I want to make sure to end my weeks on a good note!

So today I’m going to a class, and hoping that I won’t smash my face into my mat too much. 😉 You see whenever I work on inversions I always tell myself – you won’t face plant and I feel so good about this until one second as I’m lifting a leg off the wall and an actual handstand for a few seconds I get so excited that that leaves my mind and it is like “BAM! Helloooo yoga mat, I just wanted to be closer to you ;-)”

Anti-Gravity Yoga

Anti-Gravity Yoga

I think I need some Anti-gravity Yoga in my life 😉

What are your Friday Fitness Plans?!


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