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Keep it Simple

Just sending positive reminders to everyone.

LOVING some little [huge major major huge important] things:

– Friends who understand me.  How did I get so lucky?

– The steam room at my gym, I daydream about it during cardio [which means I should kick it up a notch like when I do weights… all I can think about is “breathe, breathe” ahhh my happy place]

– Coconut oil = my secret weapon

– Some easy flows on the yoga mat

– My husband


-Cuddle time, of course.

– itunes.

– my sweaty time. love. my. sweaty. time.

Off to finish up prepping for my day.  What is on everyone’s menu for lunch?  I need to remember my spinach for my spinach, avocado and hummus wrap – I also am going to try to get the hubs to make me a breakfast smoothie:  protein, almond milk, handful spinach, banana and maybe a bit o’almond butter.  wish. me. luck.



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