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Fitness Friday 041015

Spring is in the air! No joke yesterday was nuts weather wise.  Thunderstorms, tornados and of course rain (and warmth!). The grass is green!!! Unreal.  Literally came to life overnight. (Prayers to the people affected by yesterday’s severe weather). I may be being overzealous but:  … Read More

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Spread Love

I’m sitting in my morning train, on Facebook reading shared posts. There is so much negativity out there. Let’s keep it simple people, spread LOVE not hate. Share joy, hug and stay positive. Love, it’s truly the way to happiness. Oh and don’t fret, own… Read More

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Friday Fitness

Hello all! It is a day that usually gives me a little extra pep in my step. ¬†Most people how know me are thinking, how is that possible? I’m usually an energy master, everyday. ¬†However Fridays I find myself with an extra ump in my… Read More