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November – It begins…

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Today[yesterday, but sure today too ;-)] seems like a great day to start a month of renewal, dontcha think?

Since returning to work I have noticed my stress level increase with each passing day.  Isn’t it interesting that being home with a newborn totally mellowed me out? Returning to work, totally helping to revert me back to my type A – stressball personality.  So each day I keep reminding myself to be present, and breathe.

Taking a walk around our soon-to-be new neighborhood.

My favorite blogger, the Fitnessista, totally read my stress brain and came up with Namaste November.  A PERFECT fit to my life right now.  I was just talking (to myself) about starting November off on the right foot.  I told myself this month will be filled with a great attitude, reminding myself to live in the now, enjoying my sweet little family and fitting in plenty of sweaty and strechy time.  Her program 30 days of yoga, is TOTALLY what I need.  The holidays are RAPIDLY approaching and they can totally stress anyone out.

[As you can see I started this post Nov. 1, 2012 – and got my month out to a good start by not stressing that I didn’t finish this blog, because my sweet Evan wanted lots of cuddle time with me, and I totally obliged.]

But I did start my 30 days of yoga, I’m hoping to make yoga a daily practice once again and I’m going to start off with this 30 days plan.  So what have I been up to?  This dvd–Flexibility-5940?gclid=CJi3kO67sLMCFYpFMgodTgYAOg

It is super slow, which is actually challenging for me, because I’m more of a vinyasa flow girl myself (heated? Um. Yes. Please.) – but it is exactly what I needed.  I focused on my breathing and just tried to clear my mind. – How. Perfect.  It was exactly what I needed and if I didn’t wake up to a 65 degree house (yep!  Our heater is being weird, shutting off in the middle of the night) I would have done this same dvd this morning.  Instead I’m going to do a more challenging flow tonight.
What else am I focusing on this November?  Continuing to focus on healthy whole-food meals.  We are shaking up the eats lately and yesterday we did a butternut squash coconut curry soup with roasted cauliflower – it was super spicy but that is right up my alley 😉 .  Again, with the holidays approaching it is easy to add extra pounds because of crazy indulgences and since I’m trying to get back into shape, my body really doesn’t need any of that crap.  So I’m keeping it away and putting my efforts into finding healthier alternatives (I do this all the time but I’m doing it on more complex levels these days, with fun new recipes).

What are you doing to make your November a little more positive an healthy?

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