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Firsts: Halloween Edition

Well, this year sure has been filled with firsts,

First pregnancy, first marriage, first baby…

Now we are celebrating baby’s FIRST holiday, his first Halloween.

How. Awesome:

Grandma finds any excuse [or no excuse] to buy him goodies ūüėČ

Lighting was a problem, but here is my little pumpkin!!

This Halloween was the first time, we did so little yet the outcome was so special.

It is the first year I’ve had sore arms the day after from carrying “the goods” in my arms for a couple miles ūüėČ — How do you get killer arms? ¬†Pick up one of those bundles and walk around with them as dead weight ‚̧

Evan’s first time with lit halloweenie treats

Our first holiday family photograph – this one could have been better — I promise, Thanksgiving will not disappoint ūüėČ

It was a special day… With LOTS of pictures and LOTS of excitement… Look who was out before we turned the corner:


Haha… awesome… I mean I even loosened the buckles a sure to wake him issue:

A¬†definite¬†first time… non issue.

I know there are going to be many firsts with my little man and I hope I absorb them all and continue to share them with loved ones.

This weekend is his first Hot Chocolate race (that momma is SO NOT ready for, another first). ¬†IT is also [HOPEFULLY] the first weekend since mommy’s been back at work that we are going to hang with a pretty¬†special¬†family afterwards ūüėČ — Evan’s cousin may be around, an awesome¬†influence¬†and surely a first best friend









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