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Next step carrier

Wow.  So Evan just grows by the minute, I swear.

I’ve mentioned before that I spent HOURS AND HOURS researching baby products before Evan and I really loved every second and I’m quite pleased with many of the products I own.  One product I still have a ton of love for is the Moby:

Evan still loves it, and now that he is so strong he can pop his head out and look around and I can continue to multitask (like blow drying my hair in this picture).  However, my dear hubby isn’t a fan of the Moby.  He hasn’t used it more then once and refuses to wear it in public.  I guess the tying of the fabric freaks him out a little, but I don’t mind looking like a Ninja:

The only downfall about the Moby is tying it.  It is a lot of fabric and so taking it on and off isn’t super simple, so Hector and I decided it was time to upgrade to the next carrier.  I still plan on using the Moby at home, but we think the Ergo will be more user friendly for the future and for Hector when he is home on weekdays with Evan.

So here is what we got:


Dads wearing babys? I swoon.  We bought the one with black and camel lining on amazon and it will be delivered by the amazon fairy early next week.  We also got a great deal on it, which I’m all about, I keep an eye on prices and swoop in when prices are low.

Why didn’t we get the Ergo sooner?  Simple.  I had a summer baby and the Ergo doesn’t hold a newborn until they have good head control without the infant insert which runs about $40.00 which is MORE money then I paid for my Moby, that I love and wouldn’t ever live without.  I also read a lot of reviews that sort of turned me off on top of reading that it could keep a baby too warm.  With record heat weeks when Evan was born, I decided against it.

  But with winter approaching and him being difficult to hold with one arm and wanting to get things done, but keep him close… Bam. The Ergo should be worth every single penny.  I want E as close to me as I can have him when I’m home because I spend so much time away from him.  Babywearing has worked so well for us so far and I hope to have Hector jump aboard the train.

There are so many fun carriers out there and I really wanted to get a girly one like the mei tai carrier or the Beco butterfly but I want Hector to feel comfortable wearing Evan and I’m not sure he’d be big on the patterns 😉 and our budget doesn’t allow for us to have hundreds of dollars worth of baby carriers (but the next baby I might have to get the mei tai and will definitely get the baby k’tan). Next baby? yeah, its a ways a way but I think we will have to have another – don’t hold me to it.  We are done discussing that lol.

Do you baby wear?  Do you love it?  Have the ERGO?  ❤



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  1. We had/have the Ergo. We don’t use it at this point. By the time I would get him in it he would be asking to be put down. I bet I would take it off and then he would want to be carried again, and start the whole process over 😉 Toddlers! Or rather Toddler, exuberant, extroverted, active toddler boys! But you know I used mine a lot and loved it. We did use the infant insert and liked it but we had a blizzard baby! haha Literally! So the extra warmth was nice for us. It makes sense that you held off seeing as how hot it was this summer. I did like your moby after seeing it in person and if for some reason I ever have another I would get one. Although, I recently told Jason if he wants another his options are surrogate with our dna or adoption. So I doubt I will ever get the chance to use a Moby. Jason used the Ergo a bit, but mostly around the house. He just wasn’t into babywearing like I was. Everyone is different. It was kind of annoying when he did use it because there is a foot difference in height, so the straps were crazy adjusted after he used it. That’s my baby wearing story. Now I wear my toddler but without assistance…just my arms. Surprisingly I can do a lot carrying him, even cook! The skills we develop as moms…..

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