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Taking in the “Signs”

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So, I’m back at work.  In fact, I survived a whole week.  Not sure how, but it has happened.  Today my sweet Evan is 12 whole weeks old.

E and I before work, earlier this week

The couple weeks before my return to the workplace, I prepared myself for returning to work by doing lots of cuddling (and crying) with my sweet little man.  I also decided to throw myself into home buying… I’m a nut-bag, I know.  But I figured this would remind me why we are a dual income family, and I wanted to be closer to work and my mom.  Who knew we would actually FIND something.  Nothing is set in stone but we might just be homeowners in the not to far future.  My lulu spending is temporarily suspended 😉 (although my favorite cool racerback made an appearance on the “we made too much page” bonus?  It is a fun pattern AND extra long, oh well, maybe next time).  In the meantime, the weather has forced me to pull out a favorite, my vinyasa scarf:

Oh, and comfy will pants and boots – ahhh fall ❤

My life has been a series of unexplained events that have those glittering lights that say “this is what you should be doing.” – It is very crazy and that is the only way I can describe this home buying experience so far, it is all just falling into place with lots of those glowing (like the sky opens and the sun shines down) moments that I just cannot ignore.  Sure some of it is stressful, but I just hit the mat and breathe, or cuddling with my baby always seems to be a perfect form of relaxation. I’m noticing how he molds so perfectly in my arms.  It is a natural awesomeness, I just can’t get enough of.  What else helps?  Emails and long phone calls with my bests, I’m a lucky girl.

This week was nuts.  Crazy phone calls, emails, dealing with attorneys (even though I have a soft spot for all of them, I actually missed a lot of the people at work), adult conversations, and lots of nervous butterflies whenever my baby wasn’t in my arms.  There was also lots of fleeting moments of gratefulness for the beauty of the season.  Although I haven’t taken any pictures,  I do try really hard to take time to look at the leaves this time of year.  Breathe in the beauty of another year that is too quickly coming to an end.

This time last year, I had just finished the marathon and immediately threw myself into wedding planning and getting a new job.  Today I’m writing this blog post, still in my pjs with my sleeping baby in my arms.  I thought I was happy a year ago, but my heart has grown so much, sure I miss him when I’m at work but I know he is being loved and well taken care of and while I’m at work providing for him (and counting the seconds until he is back in my arms) I kept looking forward to this moment:

Taken today – We will spend a great deal of the day – just. like. this.

Life is good, maybe not completely “Ideal” (as I wish I could stay home) but I have a healthy happy family… God has truly blessed us.

My hubby, on our mini moon – enjoying coffee, something we do together every morning. happy moments 🙂

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