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3 Months

Well.  Here we are, with another month update.

I’ll say this every time, but how am I doing this update already?  Time has, as if it was possible, sped up even more.  I’m not sure if it is because I’m back at work or that we are buying a house, or a mixture of the two?  It could just be that a baby makes you hyper aware of just how fast time flies.

So this month has been fun.  Evan is a super happy little guy.  His favorite activities include:  bathtime, smiling, cuddling, tying to giggle, standing up (assisted but he always straightens his legs), talking, smiling some more, when I sing “twinkle twinkle little star” (ah, he must love me), and more smiling.  He is just a joy to be around, and loves conversations   He also loves his Baby Eisenstein videos and little piano grandma bought him.

We have serious conversations these days, he has so much personality.  He loves to wrap his fingers in my hair and has drooling down.  He is starting to chew on his paci instead of sucking on it.  He is an absolute angel, and a little ladies man.

Oh and he loves eating his hands:

Dear Evan:

Today you are three months old.  You are a complete joy in my life.  I started working again a couple weeks ago, and the HARDEST thing I HAVE EVER had to do, was be away from you for a few hours at a time.  I feel like a piece of me is missing when I’m away from you.  But!  Grandma Luz loves you lots and you are getting lots of quality time with Auntie Nancy and Uncle Josh, they all love you to pieces.

This month I have noticed just how much you absorb everyday.  You are alert, you follow things, you know your name and I swear you have full-on conversations with me.  You get excited to watch Baby Eisenstein videos with Grandma Debbie and love your little piano.  Grandpa Joe has a funny way of keeping you calm with little effort, and you like when he tells everyone “He is really saying HI!  He knows words but just can’t say them yet” – I told you he thinks you will be President, my little genius.  Today the camera has been in your face all day, I apologize, but I just feel I need to capture every second, because you grow a half an inch an hour.  You are SO strong!  Everyone comments on how they can’t believe your age because of your alertness and strength (it was all the baby pushups 😉 ).

My emotional breakdowns happen every other day now, which is much improved.  Why breakdowns?  Because I have never experienced days that fly by so quickly.  I wake up, see you, and suddenly the day is over.  HOW. DOES. THAT. HAPPEN.  Gone are the days I’d wish away, thanks to you.  I love every second of every day when I’m with you.  That is probably why work is so hard, but those seconds away I’m just focusing on how I’ll get to see you 😉

This month is a special month.  October 2011 was crazy!  Marathon, Married, Conception, New Job.    This year is no different, Back to Work, New House, New Baby.  Daddy and I are going to celebrate our wedding anniversary with you in our arms.  How special is that?

I love you, with all your drooly faces, sweet baby kisses and even poopy diapers.  You are amazing in every single way.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love you any more, I do.  Thank you for coming into my life little dude.


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